7 spoilers for what comes next in Corrie for Geoff and Yasmeen as he is caught

While many fans are living for the day that Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) is caught out and Yasmeen (Shelley King) is freed both from prison and his tyrannical control in Coronation Street, there are many twists still to play out.

The plot has seen the show’s ratings surge, increased discussion and raised approaches to charities for those in a similar situation to Yasmeen.

So what happens next?

Yasmeen prepares for her plea hearing

Alya is horrified at the prospect of Yasmeen taking the stand and pleading guilty to the crime but as she continues to be of the mindset that Geoff is the victim, it looks awfully likely.

Alya is on a mission to get through to Yasmeen about everything that has happened to her but Geoff’s hold is so strong that this is no easy task.

As Yasmeen faces a judge – will she say guilty or not guilty? Is she ready to finally fight back?

Geoff covers his tracks – but how well?

Alya’s victory over changing the locks and sealing Geoff out of Yasmeen’s house is short lived – once the police arrive and force her to hand over the keys to him as he has a right to be there.

Geoff’s first task is to check on those well hidden cameras but as he finds footage of that fateful night on the laptop and prepares to hit delete, Tim walks in. How much will he see?

Sally learns a horrifying truth

After Yasmeen lets slip to Alya that Geoff cheated on her with prostitutes, Sally and Tim are disgusted by the revelation and confront him – and when he admits to it, Sally can’t look him in the eye.

Geoff reasons that this gave Yasmeen a motive, but the pieces are slipping into place for Sally…

Sally and Tim are at huge risk

Sally turning on Geoff could have serious consequences for her marriage to Tim as actress Sally Dynevor has confirmed that the character has every intention of standing up to Geoff – and if Tim won’t accept his dad is an abuser, it could be over for the couple.

Geoff’s supporters are running low – but can he keep Tim under his control.

New truths come to light


Geoff’s biggest fear is having zero influence over Yasmeen while she is in prison and as the time goes by, perhaps we will see his hold over her diminish as Alya continues to speak to her gran about what has happened to her.

At the moment, only the surface of Geoff’s abuse has been revealed but as Yasmeen opens up, is the cloud lifting?

Eileen gets involved

With Tim looking for defenders of his dad after a disagreement with Sally, another person who is doubting Geoff is Eileen, who witnessed an angry row which saw Geoff lock Yasmeen in the house on the night of the stabbing.

When Eileen is onest about how she feels, Tim starts to get a sense of how many people see Geoff the same way that Alya does. Will his own mind be changed?

Geoff gets his comeuppance

Show boss Iain has confirmed that it would be a disservice to the storyline and the people it represents to have Geoff escape justice but how the truth comes to light remains to be seen

Either way, Geoff’s days are numbered – let’s just hope Yasmeen can survive this and start to rebuild the life and the person he has shattered so spitefully.

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