A Place in the Sun's Jonnie Irwin loses patience with 'unreadable' buyer and snaps 'I can't work you out'

A PLACE in the Sun's Jonnie Irwin lost his patience with an "unreadable" buyer as he snapped "I can't work you out!"

The property expert, 47, was on a mission to try find Denise a home in the sunny Guardamar del Segura on the Costa Blanca.

With a budget of £95,000, Wigan-born Denise asked for help from Jonnie to help her find her dream holiday home.

She also asked pal of 30 years Karen to join her on the trip as she explained that her heart could rule her head when picking the perfect property.

Despite explaining to Jonnie that her dream home would be 2/3 bedrooms, have an outside space, good sized balcony and a communal pool, things didn't run smoothly.

It soon became apparent that the property-hunter didn't really know what she was looking for as she seemed to like every apartment she looked at.

Denise didn't like the first apartment that Jonnie picked out for her, but the next four seemed to tick all her boxes and she had great things to say about all of them.

After chatting about the fourth, Jonnie was left scratching his head as he had no clue what Denise was going to do next as it seemed like she didn't have a firm favourite.

Denise said: "The balcony could do with being a wee bit bigger, the second bedroom could do with being a wee bit bigger…

"However there is this wonderful pool, the location in the matter, I'm liking the sound of that and the actual living space I think is more than adequate."

Jonnie replied: "Okay so we’ve got two contenders so far… is this one?"

"It's still a contender," she replied.

The property expert snapped back: "You said this place has got two 'buts' and it's a contender?

"It’s not Monopoly though, you’ve got to buy one of these properties!"

The trio moved onto the final choice – a penthouse apartment in the centre of town with TWO balconies, three bedrooms and all for £103, 000.

But the couple were willing to take the asking price down to Denise's budget.

Jonnie was very happy with his choice and claimed: "Compared to the first apartment, it kind of blows it out the water, doesn’t it?”

But with no real reaction from Denise, Jonnie finally snapped.

He said: "You should be a spy, I can’t work you out, can’t read you!"

At the end of the show it was revealed that Jonnie's final apartment did win over Denise's heart and she put in an offer of £93,000.

After a bit of negotiating Denise left Spain with her dream apartment – minus the pool – for £95,000.

But Jonnie isn't the only property expert who has flipped whilst taking the guests around in the sunshine.

Earlier this week Jasmine Harman replied "are you serious?!" to her guests as they snubbed plush Spanish villa she picked out for them.

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