A Place in the Sun's Jonnie Irwin reveals his struggles with 'difficult' new series

A PLACE in the Sun's Jonnie Irwin has revealed his struggles with the 'difficult' new series.

Jonnie, 47, has been part of the Channel 4 show since 2004 but admits the latest series has been the most challenging so far.

The show faced a whole host of difficulties due to the varying coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns.

Speaking to The Express, he said: "It was an interesting series to film because some of the shows were filmed before lockdown and some of them weren’t.

"You might see a difference in the style for example, I'm not standing next to people and things like that.”

He added: “But even when we weren't filming, we were flying around Europe, trying to stay one step ahead of countries closing down and making sure that we can continue to film safely.”

In the end, despite all the hurdles show bosses faced, Jonnie was pleased with the finished result.

He said: "It was very challenging filming and finding houses and getting access to houses.

"[However], I felt this series was a success because we had so much thrown at us. It was really difficult. Everybody had to try 20 percent harder.”

Jonnie recently revealed the one thing that truly offends him from picky buyers.

He said: “I don’t get offended. I only get offended when people aren’t taking it [the search] seriously.”

The dad-of-three also explained that he likes the guests to have a proper look inside of the property, without making snap judgements of the location.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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