ABC News Launches Month-Long Racial Reckoning Project On ‘Nightline,’ Other Shows

ABC News is launching a series of reports on racial justice and reckoning, with Nightline devoting its show to the Turning Point banner over the next month and other segments featured across network shows and platforms.

The Turning Point series will kick off on Nightline on Tuesday.

As an example, Nightline will feature special animations narrated by Whoopi Goldberg of The View, with a a look at reparations, what they would look like and the impact they could have in cities like Asheville, NC. That city is enacting reparations statutes.

Marie Nelson, senior vice president of integrated content strategy for ABC News, said in a statement, “Over the past few weeks and months, there has been a fever pitch echoing across the nation for this country to combat and undo its hundreds of years of systemic racism and inequities. With these special ‘Turning Point’ reports our viewers will see our commitment to addressing this pivotal moment.”

The special programming is being produced through Nightline and ABC News’ race and culture unit.

World News Tonight With David Muir will look at the COVID-19 crisis and its potential aftermath, as well as its impact on essential workers, schoolteachers, bus drivers and others. The news broadcast also will look at how global warming impacts poor communities and how climate change worsens inequality.

Other segments will be featured on Good Morning America, GMA3, This Week, The View, ABC News Live Prime and other shows. Turning Point was a newsmagazine and series of specials that ran during the 1990s. One of the anchors on the show, Diane Sawyer, will also be doing a segment on racial issues, when she resists her investigation, called True Colors, on racial discrimination in everyday life.

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