Adam Sandler Looks Back at Trouble Working With His Children in ‘Hubie Halloween’

When speaking to Drew Barrymore on her daytime talk show, the ‘Uncut Gems’ star admits that his two daughters made it look like he forced them to do take part in his Netflix comedy.

AceShowbizAdam Sandler will think twice about casting his children in future movie projects because they wanted to go home after less than two hours on the set of “Hubie Halloween“.

The actor’s daughters Sunny, 11, and Sadie, 14, badgered their dad for a year to let them feature in the Netflix comedy, but when it came time to shoot, they were less than prepared to actually put in the work.

“You know, you would think the kids would be very excited… to be in a movie…,” Sandler told his pal Drew Barrymore on her daytime talk show.

“If they get to set at 8am, I’d say around 9.20am I’m hearing, ‘How much more? Please let me leave!’ They make it look like I’m forcing them to do it,” he remarked.

“Meanwhile, they were asking me the whole d**n year, ‘Can I be in your next movie, Daddy?'”

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Sandler has long had Sadie and Sunny make cameos in his previous projects, but working with the youngsters this time around proved to be more stressful than ever, because they were never ready for call time.

“I hide them out in my trailer, they hang out, they got their friends (sic)… Then I knock on the door and say, ‘They (filmmakers) are ready. Let’s go.’ Then they’re like, ‘They’re ready?’ They always play crazy, like they didn’t know they were shooting a movie,” he grumbled.

“I’m like, ‘You don’t have your makeup on?’ They’re like, ‘I’ll do it now!'”

Sadie and Sunny aren’t the only loved ones to join Sandler onscreen in “Hubie Halloween” – his real-life wife Jackie also features as news reporter Tracy Phillips.

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