Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown’s ex says ‘get off Instagram and be a dad’ before claiming ‘proof’ of ‘abuse’ – The Sun

ALASKAN Bush People star Bear Brown’s ex Raiven Adams has told him to “get off Instagram and be a dad”, after claiming she has proof of abuse.

The reality star lashed out on social media at the father of her baby blasting him before sharing a series of personal text messages on her Instagram Stories and told him he should "get off Instagram and be a dad".

Alaskan Bush People is about a large family struggling to live off the land in Alaska.

Relationships between the two former lovers appeared to be thawing but this latest instalment seems to indicate otherwise.

Raiven gave birth to River on March 9, 2020 and has been raising him on her own, as Bear was not present for the birth.

Bear and Raiven have had a tumultuous relationship, and she filed a restraining order against Bear in February, accusing him of exhibiting “erratic” and “abusive” behavior.

She claimed he threatened her with a gun and boasted that “gun laws don’t apply” to him, however, the restraining order has since been dropped.

Posting to her social media account, the 22-year-old wrote a series of comments implying that she had ‘proof’ that he had been abusive.

She said: “I mean I do have texts from almost all your siblings saying you are abusive?

“Do you want to share story’s or do you want to be a dad? Wanna argue online or focus on our child?”

She continued: “You picked the wrong b*tch to make a mom. Because of him I found my strength and my voice.

“So tell your lawyer he can keep threatening to sue me for “talking” while your ass post sh*t like that”

Raiven also shared grabs of supposed text messages from between her and one of Brown Bear’s family members, that was supposed to be from the reality star and his family member’s response.

Just last month the mother of one posted a heartwarming message on Sunday saying she hoped Bear would be able to meet his son River before next year's Father's Day.

Raiven posted an emotional tribute to her ex on Instagram alongside adorable pictures of baby River, including one of him cuddled up in a green blanket and smiling widely.

She wrote: "Happy Father's Day! Hopefully by next you've met, and can have a fun day together.

"Until then enjoy these cute smiley photos dad.”

Raiven also informed fans that Bear Brown is not being stopped from meeting his three-month-old son River.

Raiven, told a fan on Instagram that she's "not preventing" Bear from having contact with their baby, amid their public difficulties.

The 31-year-old – who initially denied he was 13-week-old River's dad – confirmed he is the father of River in May after taking a DNA test.

Bear said in the Instagram clip: “Hey everybody, I've got some awesome news to share with you all. It is one hundred per cent official – River is my son, I got the results in today.

"It is awesome news it was never any doubt but in order for me to get equal rights as a parent that is one thing I had to prove that I am actually River's dad.”

Despite her warm Father's Day post, Raiven most recently said she was finally "free" from a "toxic relationship".

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