All Creatures Great and Smalls Helen shares panic about James

All Creatures Great and Small: Shenton shares ‘insight’

Rachel Shenton, who plays Helen Herriot in Channel 5’s series All Creatures Great and Small, has revealed her character’s panic about whether or not her husband James (played by Nicholas Ralph) will go to war in the next series.

The actress shared her concern for her on-screen partner while in conversation with PBS’ MASTERPIECE Studio podcast.

She was asked: “Is this then the moment where, unspoken, everything changes for them and they know there’s only one action to be taken here?”

Rachel replied: “I can only speak for Helen, I think it certainly becomes very real in that moment. “Before then it was people, whispers, you know, army recruitment officers but it didn’t feel as close as that and I think again it’s just fear of an almost panic from her of what does this mean.”

Prior to this moment, the couple had just been speaking about how important James’ work in the Dales is as Helen tries to convince him not to leave.

But then the couple watch as a bus of young evacuees arrives in Darrowby.

“I don’t know, is that the moment that she thinks he’s going to go or does she still think there’s a possibility of sort of fighting for her, to stay?” shared Rachel.

“Maybe she still does in that exact moment but it certainly feels more real than ever, for sure.”

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Given that James’ close friend Tristan (played by Callum Woodhouse) is definitely going to war, as was revealed in the final episode of series three, it may seem even more likely that James will follow.

Fans who have read the books that the series was based on, which were written by James Alfred Wight, will know that the real James Herriot did go to war, with him joining the Royal Air Force.

However, a year later he was discharged after he was deemed unfit to fly following surgery.

If the next series continues to follow real life, this could see Nicholas’ character leaving Skeldale temporarily.

Viewers will have to wait and see what happens with James in series four but hopefully fans won’t have too long a wait as the upcoming series started filming this spring.

All Creatures Great and Small is available to watch on My5.

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