‘American Idol’: Top 5 Are Revealed as 2 Fan-Favorites Are Booted Off

In the Mother’s Day episode, the remaining 7 singers of the long-running show hit the stage to pay tribute to their mothers in addition to performing songs from Coldplay’s catalog.

AceShowbiz -“American Idol” revealed its Top 5 on Sunday, May 9. In the Mother’s Day episode, the remaining 7 singers hit the stage to pay tribute to their mothers in addition to performing songs from Coldplay‘s catalog. Chris Martin, meanwhile, served as the mentor.

Kicking off the night was Casey Bishop. She opted to sing “Paradise” and judge Katy Perry admitted that the performance was “perfect.” Luke Bryan agreed, noting that he’s “never heard you hit a bad note” and that Casey “keeps delivering night after night.”

Following it up was Chayce Beckham, who performed “Magic”. Luke loved that Chayce looked like he was always “having fun” in his performance. Singing “Yellow” was Willie Spence. The judges were impressed by the performance as they called it one of the best performances of the entire season. Lionel Richie claimed that the performance was a “religious experience.”

Later, Caleb Kennedy hit the stage to sing a rendition of “Violet Hill”. Lionel said that he noticed that Caleb’s “confidence dip a little bit” in the middle of the performance, while Katy joked that the performance “scared” her “because it was that good.”

For the night, Arthur Gunn chose to sing his own version “In My Place”. While Katy raved that Arthur “sounded good,” she noted that sometimes singers needed to “play” along a little bit with the original song. Performing “Fix You” was Grace Kinstler. Katy totally loved it, saying, “I think you finally arrived with that song.” Hunter Metts, meanwhile, sang “Everglow”.

Later, each of singers took the stage for the Mother’s Day tributes. Casey sang Alanis Morrisette‘s “Ironic”, while Chayce opted to sing an original song for his mom. It was so good that Lionel admitted to crying over the performance.

Willie then hit the stage to sing “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker. Of the performance, Katy felt that “it came straight from the heart.” Lionel added, “The way you navigate the notes, it’s unbelievable.” Caleb also sang an original song that night, with Katy commenting, “Wearing your heart on your sleeve looks real good.”

Arthur earned praises for his performance of “Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man”, while Grace offered a stunning performance of Adele‘s “When We Were Young”. Hunter rounded out the night with a beautiful original song titled “The River”.

It was later time to reveal the Top 5. Ryan Seacrest named Casey, Grace, Chayce, Willie and Caleb as the ones advanced to the next round. Unfortunately, Arthur and Hunter were eliminated.

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