Antiques Road Trips Charles Hanson gobsmacked as tea sign make unbelievable profit

Antiques Road Trip: Hornimans Tea ornament makes £255 profit

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Antiques Road Trip experts Raj Bisram and Charles Hanson rekindled their Road Trip bromance seven years after their first outing together in a recent episode. They toured around Wales in a classic 1971 Volkswagen Campervan and picked up some interesting finds along the way. When it came to auctioning their items, Charles was left shocked when his unique tea advertisement made over a £200 profit.

As Charles made his way through an array of china and antiques, he stumbled across a sign for “Horninman’s Tea” which seemed to impress him.

Picking the item up, he explained: “The elegant, almost advertising mount, here she is, her bonnet and her ringlets and looking very much in the period of the 1860s.

“But of course, it’s an advertising sign for Horniman’s Tea. I think it’s made of like plaster, but it could be fibreglass or a resin.

“It has got some age, I think this could be the 1930s, 1940s, I think it’s really quite classic, and I like tea, and I like her as well.”

Charles went to find Jon, the owner of the shop, to barter a price with him on the three items he had found.

After only paying £5 for the tea sign, Charles ended his day with just £30 out of the £200 he started with, confident he would make a healthy profit.

As the auction of their items kicked off, Charles’s tea sign was the first to be auctioned, and it kicked off positively and didn’t falter.

The auctioneer informed: “I’ve got a £60 bid on the net.”

Mishearing him, Charles asked: “How much! £6?” to which the auctioneer could be heard saying it had gone up to £70.

Impressed at the jump in price, Charles exclaimed and laughed: “£70? It cost me a fiver! This is unbelievable, this is unbelievable.

“Thank you. Go on, lad, keep going! Look at him go! Keep going, lad!”

With Charles’s positivity helping the item continued to climb, with the auctioneer informing: “At £90 bid I’ll take £5, it’s a good thing, £110 bid now.

“At £110, £120, £130 bid, at £130, £150 bid, at £150 now, £170 bid, £170 bid, at £170 we’re on the net, at £190, £200 bid.”

Turning to Raj, shocked, Charles shouted: “This is crazy! This is crazy!”

Charles’s unique fine ended up being sold for £260 and left Raj in shock too, as he exclaimed: “That is £255 profit! I can’t… First item!”

The pair were left open-mouthed at Charles’s success on his first item, with Raj not holding out much hope for the rest of the items.

At the end of the day, Raj made a £28.84 profit, whilst Charles made a giant leap ahead, making a £279.70 profit and was way ahead in the lead.

Speaking about their day and the profits they both made at the end of the show, Raj said: “You’re going to have me in tears if you carry on like this, Charles.”

Charles laughed at his comment and simply replied: “Yes!”

Antiques Road Trip airs weekdays at 4:30pm on BBC One.

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