Ashley Cain issues emotional message to other grieving parents as he urges 'don't give up on yourself'

ASHLEY Cain has issued an emotional message to other grieving parents as he urged"don't give up on yourself".

The bereaved dad has been doing his best to stay positive following the tragic death of his baby daughter Azaylia in April.

Ashley, 30, shared a touching post as he reassured other parents who are going through the same thing.

He wrote: "If there are any parents out there who are grieving over the loss of their child, I want you to know your children are in heaven where they can see you, hear you but also be around you.

He told his followers that it was important that they remain "strong" during an intensely difficult time.

Ashely continued: "Don't give up in yourself, it is important that we stand up, that we talk to them everyday and that we make them proud.

"We can come together, stand strong, support each other and do good on this earth so we can earn our place in heaven, where we will be with them again for eternity."

The former reality star opened up about the crippling grief he's experienced while watching videos of his late daughter.

In an emotional Instagram video he admitted there are times when he is consumed with grief.

He said: "Today's been a difficult day. As much as you see me out riding my bike and running and doing all this 'let's go champ…'

"At the minute I've been sitting in my living room with no TV on for the last hour, two hours. I've just been staring at the wall. I feel crippled. I keep seeing pictures and looking at videos and just crying.

"It affects ya, and it's hard and it's painful everyday, and some days it just stops you in your tracks so you can't think of anything else. You can't pick yourself up, and I feel today is one of those days for me."

The previous day Ashley continued to find solace in vivid orange sunsets which he sees as a sign from Azaylia.

He told fans that the beautiful skies are messages from his little girl, who is reassuring him that she is okay.

Ashley rode his bike to visit his daughter's grave while the sun was setting, and he said that he felt her presence with every single peddle.

He told Azaylia: "Thank you for always looking after your daddy."

Ashley and his partner Safiyya were left devastated when Azaylia passed away at eight months old following a brave battle with leukaemia.

Ashley added that all he asked was for continued support from his online following as he vowed to always fight in Azaylia's name.

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