Awkward moment Married at First Sight Australia's Jessika and Dan have explosive row on live TV after she ‘hit on’ Nic

MARRIED at First Sight Australia's controversial couple Jessika and Dan had an explosive row on live TV – and it is VERY awkward to watch.

The couple got into a heated argument after watching footage back of Jessika "hitting on" Nic while she was involved with Dan.

They split up briefly over what happened – and seeing it all play out again proved too much for Dan to take.

Jessika said on Talking Married: "Watching it back brings back a lot of bad memories for him. Seeing him hurt tonight is hurting me as well."

Dan added: "I'd be lying if it didn't scratch the surface of some previous wounds.

"After that commitment ceremony I did end things with Jess. It has re-scratched those feelings again.

"I love the girl, but it's an awkward position I'm in right now."

Viewers were open-mouthed earlier this series as stunning Jess slid over to Nic and purred that she was "sexually attracted" to him.

After being grilled on what her intentions were with Nic when she pulled him for a chat at a boozy dinner party, Jessika told the host: "It looks like I hit on Nick, I don't think I did, but that's what Dan's wants to hear so I'll say it."

Dan then put his head in his hands and huffed and puffed about her finally admitting she did "hit on" Nic.

Arguing about what she'd said, Jessika fumed: "We're not having a fight on national television."

Dan said: "I've got major trust issues with this..

"I don't want out, but there's a lot of trust issues for me. She knows this, we've had deep conversations about this."

The couple got together behind their partners' backs during the Australian series, filmed in 2018.

It's currently being played out on E4 and last night viewers saw Jess and Dan commit to their relationship during the vow renewal episode.

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