Baz Luhrmann Records New ‘Sunscreen’ For Coronavirus Pandemic 2020, With Help From Queen Elizabeth II

EXCLUSIVE: Baz Lurhmann has recorded Sunscreen, a new pandemic-relevant version of Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen, the 1999 spoken word song that featured a common sense essay written as a hypothetical commencement speech with advice on how to live a happy, healthy life. Luhrmann this time sets to music mostly to the inspiring speech given recently by Queen Elizabeth II, which gave the pandemic a historical perspective on overcoming crises going back to WWII.

Luhrmann was struck by that speech, and felt it was an exception to the lack of straight-shooting words of comfort in these times. He got together with his music team over zoom last weekend and made the remix with the Queen’s speech and Vera Lynn’s We’ll Meet Again. If enough people from all walks of life send Baz a video of themselves singing to it — the place to send is [email protected] — the Moulin Rouge director will cut a video from that, in an effort t spread a little community and joy.

Luhrmann expected to be right to not be preoccupied with the Queen, but rather The King, as in Elvis Presley. He was about to start production on that untitled film in Australia for Warner Bros, with Austin Butler playing the singer. Tom Hanks, who plays Presley mentor/manager Col. Tom Parker, was in Australia when he shocked the world and came down with the coronavirus, which Deadline exclusively revealed March 11. The original Sunscreen hit number one in Ireland and the UK, and this one might just catch on, possibly adding rock star aura to the venerable monarch. And hopefully soon, Luhrmann can get back to The King. Below is the new version of Sunscreen, and below that the original.


by Vika Bull, Quindon Tarver, Lee Perry, and her majesty Queen Elizabeth II Put this together with friends in the hope that it might brighten somebody’s day. Sing, dance, create anything on video, upload and tag it, or send me a link at [email protected] We’ll create something together and #WellMeetAgain2020

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