BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood red-faced as she makes Andy Murray injury blunder

BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood made a blunder this morning live on air as she reported from the Queen’s Club at Wimbledon, West London.

Speaking to David Law, the media director of The Queen’s Tournament, Carol made an embarrassing blunder while talking about Sir Andy Murray, the professional tennis player.

Speaking to David, Carol made a rookie mistake, as she said: “The other thing of course is Andy Murray is back, and he’s had his problems with some of his back, how do you think he’ll perform?”

“Well he’s had all sorts of problems if you think over the last few years,” David replied.

“He’s had his hip surgery and two years ago he managed to get out on the doubles court with his hip resurfacing. His metal hip, effectively, and still win the doubles.”

Speaking about Andy's return to tennis tomorrow, he continued: "People are so happy just to see him back, because he’s usually popular as a person and as a player."

Carol then backtracked on what she said, embarrassed about her blunder she replied, “And I’ve just said he had problems with his back, I meant his hip of course.”

Carol and David laughed at the blunder together, before he said, “He’s had that as well, not to worry.”

The both laughed the blunder off before Carol introduced the weather.

Andy Murray, 34, lost the Wimbledon quarter-finals in 2017, and took the rest of the season off.

The Grand Slam champion had endured hip pain for a number of years. Saying how he struggled to put socks on and walk the dogs, this wasn’t an ideal situation for a professional tennis player.

In 2019 BBC Sport reported that Professor Max Fehily, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon and clinical director at the Manchester Hip Clinic, believed Murray may have had hip impingement – essentially a problem with the ball-and-socket joint.

Speaking before Andy announced he had had surgery, Prof Fehily said: "Repetitive and heavy hip flexion can damage the cartilage of the socket and can lead to deformity of the ball.

"This is a common injury in high-impact sports such as martial arts, rugby and gymnastics. It's not as common in tennis, but Murray is such an impact player."

Andy Murray underwent hip resurfacing surgery in January 2019.

Making a comeback at Queen’s Club five months later, he won the doubles.

The Queen’s Tournament kicks off today (June 14) at midday on BBC 2, with Murray playing tomorrow (June 15).

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