BBC host Charlie Stayt’s life off-air – Naga Munchetty bond to cute marriage

Charlie Stayt is one of the much-loved presenters of BBC Breakfast, entertaining the nation alongside Naga Munchetty.

However, away from the famous red sofa and bright lights of breakfast telly he is notoriously very private.

Charlie doesn’t have a public Twitter or Instagram account, unlike his colleague Naga who regularly shares updates with fans about her hobbies and activities.

The presenters are very close, when fans recently worried that the pair had fallen out, Naga rushed to reassure them: "Ha – no chance of falling out – I won't allow it, but we will always tease each other.”

So what do we know about Charlie? He turns 59 this week, and is married with two children.

He married fellow broadcaster Anne Breckell in 1995, and they had daughter Phoebe in 1997, and son Jake in 2000.

When it comes to hobbies, he’s a supporter of Gloucester when it comes to rugby. In a profile about his day-to-day life he also revealed that he enjoys cycling.

He told The Sun that he wasn’t what he called a MAMIL – a middle-aged man in Lycra. It would be a strong look for those early starts. He explained: “I’m not looking to beat any records, and I haven’t got all the gear. I just like to get out and have a cycle at weekends… I call it pootling.”

Presenting a breakfast show means lie-ins are rare, and Charlie confesses he has a routine now that doesn’t involve the snooze button: “I’m literally out of bed within 10 seconds, as experience has taught me that a delay is fatal. Alarm clock, up, away – that’s how I cope with the early mornings.”

He also says he eats porridge every day with raisins, a very small, strong cup of builder’s tea.

Over the course of the programme he says he might have two coffees.

As for married life, he claims his wife would say he has many annoying habits, including “not being tidy enough is one, but I’d say losing things is my most annoying one: phones, wallets, ID cards, all things of any consequence.”

As part of his job Charlie has interviewed some of the most famous people in the world. That doesn’t mean his kids think he’s cool though – he embarrassed them during an interview with Stormzy.

In 2017 he recalled: “I did a shout-out in a very middle-aged way and I think for my kids that peaked on the list of embarrassing things parents do. He was delightful, though, and found the whole thing hilarious.”

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As well as avoiding the cycling lycra, there’s no chance of seeing Charlie donning the sequins for the Strictly dance floor either: “Lots of my colleagues have competed on Strictly Come Dancing and had great fun, but it’s a very straightforward ‘no’ from me.”

“I know from their experience that to do a show such as Strictly and to do it well, you’ve really got to want to do it.”

Away from BBC Breakfast, Naga and Charlie caused chaos when they appeared as guests on Saturday Kitchen earlier this year.

The duo embraced the chance to let their hair down and be less serious.

They jokingly demanded wine and fresh oysters, before teasing host Matt Tebbutt. They stole his questions and made fun of them in a tongue-in-cheek way, as they couldn’t resist taking over the show.

Before BBC Breakfast, he also hosted the Capital Radio news program, The Way It Is. He also reported for LBC and BBC Radio 5 Live.

He presents BBC Breakfast with Naga on Thursday to Saturday each week.

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