Ben melts down after backing out of legal war with Lola and Jay in EastEnders

Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) was hit hard by the news that Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) wanted Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) to adopt daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown) in recent EastEnders scenes.

With only a few months left to live, Lola made the decision to start getting her affairs in order, and a big part of that was ensuring Lexi had support after she had gone.

However, when they broached the subject with Ben, he flew off the handle, promising to fight the decision to the bitter end.

The following day, Ben called in Ritchie (Sian Webber) for legal advice, who informed him that they wouldn’t be able to adopt Lexi without his say so, but that they would probably look to go for a private arrangement to give Jay joint parental responsibility.

As Ben weighed up his options with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), mum Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) arrived, having heard Lola’s side of the story.

She pointed out that Ben needed to have a proper conversation with her and realise that they weren’t trying to take Lexi off him at all.

As Kathy and Ben sat down together in the Queen Vic, she explained how Lola just wanted to make sure he, Jay and Lexi would all be there to support each other after she was gone.

It seemed that she was breaking through to him, until Jay and Lola arrived, making Ben believe that the whole thing had been a set up and putting him back at square one.

Failing to see any other option, Kathy turned to Phil, expressing her worry for Ben’s wellbeing following the bombshell that rapist Lewis had been arrested again, on top of all the drama with Lexi’s adoption.

When Phil countered that it should be a relief that Lewis was finally facing justice, though Kathy pointed out that, ‘when you’ve been raped, there is no ‘end of’.’

Terrified that Ben would struggle to care for Lexi alone, she urged Phil to talk to him, pointing out that he listens to his dad.

Taking her advice, Phil sat down with Ben and told him that he could do a lot worse than having Jay help out with Lexi.

Having heard from several different people, Ben ultimately came to the decision to let Lola and Jay go through with the adoption.

After breaking the news to Kathy and Callum Highway (Tony Clay) and apologising for his recent behaviour, he excused himself to the bathroom, where it soon became clear that he wasn’t coping as well as he had made out.

Emerging from the stall, it appeared that he had been sick.

Has Ben really turned a corner, as Kathy believed, or is he still struggling behind closed doors?

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