Big Bang Theory: Geek Out Over This Supercut of All the Gang's Weddings

As the second anniversary of Sheldon and Amy’s wedding nears (and with many a real-world nuptial being quelled by quarantining), what better time to revisit every geek-tastic exchange of vows on The Big Bang Theory?

In 95 whirlwind, oft romantical seconds, the exclusive supercut above takes you on a return trip down all kinds of aisles — including rooftop and almost bathroom potpourri-sprinkled — as Leonard and Penny (twice!), Howard and Bernadette, and Sheldon and Amy each formed spousal units.

Modern TV history’s top-rated sitcom, CBS’ The Big Bang Theory signed off after 11 seasons and 279 episodes on May 16, 2019, where some 18 million viewers — a three-and-a-half year high — RSVP’d for its sweet, funny swan song. And while the series remains in syndication, it is currently absent from any and all streaming services. Meaning, the only way at this time to binge every episode, commercial-free, is via The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Series on Blu-ray, DVD or Digital (e.g. iTunes, Google Play or Vudu).

Press play on the supercut above, revisit memories of I Do’s gone by, and then tell us in Comments which ceremonial coupling remains the biggest and best Bang for you.

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