'Big Bang Theory' Star Mayim Bialik Confirmed When She Is Going To Quit Acting

Mayim Bialik returned to acting when The Big Bang Theory came calling. She had taken a break since Blossom ended in 1995 and went to college, earning a Ph.D. in neuroscience. Her second acting career is only temporary too, as Bialik confirmed there is an end point.

Bialik participated in a webinar to raise money for The Groundlings called The Reality of Non-Reality TV. After discussing the difficulties she still has with auditions and the art of sitcom acting, Bialik confirmed she’s going to stop acting when this happens. 

Mayim Bialik’s break and return to ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Bialik was a child star. She had a recurring role on Webster and guest appearances on Beauty and the Beast and The Facts of Life. Her big break came playing the young Bette Midler character in the movie Beaches. 

She played the title character on Blossom, which ran for five seasons on NBC. After that, Bialik continued to do voice work but pretty much stopped appearing on camera. She went to UCLA for her Ph.D.

Since The Big Bang Theory brought her back to acting, Bialik has stepped behind the camera, too. She is an executive producer on her upcoming series, Call Me Kat, in which she will also appear. 

Uncertainty drove Mayim Bialik away until ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Bialik acknowledged that the volatile and fickle nature of Hollywood was one of the reasons she left to focus on education. After The Big Bang Theory, she has a healthier approach to the ups and downs. However, she agrees it’s not for everyone. 

“This might sound very floofie woofy, everything that is meant to be is going to happen,” Bialik said. “Any hand wringing you do, it changes nothing except reinforcing your belief that there’s something wrong with you. Usually it has so little to do with you and that’s just being an actor. That’s being an actor in this city. Some people may never get what they want and then we get to figure out what does life look like anyway? I know it’s easy for me to say but the fact is I left the industry for 12 years. I didn’t want this life.”

This is what will drive Mayim Bialik away again

Bialik also acknowledges how much of Hollywood is based on looks. She doesn’t have to like it, but she accepts it. She said her deadline for acting will be when casting directors and producers start asking her to get plastic surgery. At least when that time comes, Bialik plans to remain a behind the scenes talent. 

“Already the collagen is breaking down right here, and as soon as someone tells me to inject it, that’s when I turn into a fulltime producer and writer,” Bialik said. “I’m serious. ‘Just lift the eyelids.’ I have cleavage wrinkles. What is happening?”

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