Bradley Walsh brands question ‘stupid’ as Chase contestant calls for new writer

The Chase 's Bradley Walsh and contestant Debbie were left completely gobsmacked over one of the questions on tonight's programme.

Outdoorsy Debbie, who loved nothing more than walking her two dogs around her land, was asked a rather niche question.

Bradley asked Debbie and Mark "The Beast" Labbett: "When said out loud the vowels in which singer's name sound like a repeated line in Old MacDonald Had A Farm?"

Debbie was left looking completely perplexed over the very random question.

The possible answers were: "Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez or Celine Dion."

After the time ran out, Bradley fumed: "What a stupid question!"

An equally flabbergasted Debbie then interjected and said: "You need a new question writer!"

The Beast then said: "I sometimes say The Chase has better questions than Mastermind… not here!"

Luckily for Debbie, Celine Dion was the correct answer.

The Beast then explained that the vowels in the name Celine Dion spell "E,I,E,I,O," like that in the popular nursery rhyme.

Viewers at home were also rather opinonated over the unusual question.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer remarked: "Old MacDonald."

While another disagreed and said: "Very easy questions so far for Debbie."

Debbie was the only player to make it through to the final chase, with the other three – Michael, Helen and Rob – being caught by The Beast.

Debbie only managed to score nine steps in the final chase.

This meant The Beast easily caught her with one minute and 14 seconds remaining.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV

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