Bradley Walsh fans are in tears as Breaking Dad star cries over surprise Andrea Bocelli gig for 60th birthday

BRADLEY Walsh broke down in tears after his son Barney surprised him with a special Andrea Bocelli performance for his 60th birthday.

The Chase host was in awe as they visited the legendary tenor's luxury Italian home.

They were warmly greeted by the suit-wearing opera singer, who took a seat behind his piano.

He belted out Time To Say Goodbye accompanied by a violinist, and the spine-tingling performance immediately moved Bradley to tears.

His lip quivered and he moved his hand to his face as Andrea delivered the big notes.

Afterwards, Bradley told him: "That was unbelievable. Absolutely wonderful. So emotional. I can't believe it. A true honour."

As he and Barney left the house, Bradley said to his son: "I cannot believe that happened."

Viewers were just as touched by the moment, with one writing on Twitter: "Watching a teary @BradleyWalsh meeting @AndreaBocelli has, for some reason had me in tears too! Brilliant!"

Another posted: "#BreakingDad amazing show had me in [email protected]@AndreaBocelli."

As a third shared: "OMG I'm in tears watching @BradleyWalsh#BarneyWalsh#BreakingDad What a beautiful surprise having @AndreaBocelli singing for him xxx."

Earlier today it was revealed Bradley is set to be a grandfather after his daughter Hayley revealed she is having a baby.

The 39-year-old is the eldest of his two children.

She posted a sign on her reflexology business' Instagram page that read: "On maternity leave."

Hayley wrote: "Finding out we were expecting was just incredible, however being pregnant during this lockdown has been a little tricky at times.

"I’ve been spending the last few months frantically trying to learn as much as possible online.”

Viewers are used to seeing Bradley with Barney, his son with Donna Derby, who appears in their popular Breaking Dad series.

But his daughter, who trained at the London School of Reflexology, hasn't followed in her dad's showbiz footsteps in the same way.

Hayley, the star's daughter from a relationship with Debby Parker, lives in Hertfordshire with her boyfriend, Tom.

Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears.

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