Bradley Walsh speechless over The Chase player’s peculiar exit ‘Never seen that ever!’

The Chase: £10k player loses without getting a question right

The Chase returned with four new players all hoping to take home some money from Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty on the ITV quiz show. One contestant who got off to a fantastic start was Marryk, who built up a rarely-seen £10,000 in his first quick-fire round, which he took through to his head-to-head with Anne. However, after a tricky set of questions came his way, he was soon eliminated, five steps from home, which host Bradley Walsh declared he had “never seen” on the show. 

Marryk was the second player to take on the Chaser after his teammate Declan had already made it through.

He wowed the host after getting 10 correct answers in 60 seconds, which Bradley joked was “not bad.”

Complimenting the player, he said: “Let me tell you Marryk, you’re good! Five figures in the cash-builder, that doesn’t happen often.”

However, Marryk’s run of luck soon came to a premature end after a tricky head-to-head.

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Early on into his round, he was asked: “What was the maiden name of the mother of Anne Boleyn?”

The three possible answers were either A, Howard, B, Parr or C, Seymour.

Marryk decided to go with Seymour which turned out to be the incorrect answer, meaning he was knocked out of today’s programme.

But Bradley couldn’t believe what had just unfolded, telling the player: “I’ve never seen that!”

The Chase host seemed lost for words as he scanned the studio in disbelief at the show-first he’d just witnessed.


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