Brian Roberts: Universal Beijing Resort Set to Open 'Amazingly on Time and on Budget in 2021'

“I’m heartened by what we’re seeing in China,” Comcast chief says

Courtesy of Universal

The Comcast-owned Universal Beijing Resort is set to open “on time and on budget in 2021,” Brian L. Roberts said on Thursday, appropriately adding the word “amazingly” to his sentence.

Currently, there are 15,000 construction workers on that site, he said — even more than before the coronavirus disrupted everything.

The U.S. parks situation is different, but Roberts says he is “heartened by what we’re seeing in China.”

Roberts’ remarks about Beijing came during Comcast’s Q1 earnings conference call.

Earlier on Thursday morning, Comcast reported revenue from its theme parks plummeted 31.9% following the closures of Universal Studios Japan in late February and Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood in mid-March due to COVID-19.

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