Bridgertons Lady Featherington star explains Prudence marriage plans Desperate times

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The matriarch of the Featherington family Portia Featherington (played by Polly Walker) was introduced on the first season of Bridgerton as the pushy mother of Prudence (Bessie Carter), Philippa (Harriet Cains) and Penelope (Nicola Coughlan). Netflix viewers soon discovered Lady Featherington was obsessed with finding wealthy husbands for her daughters. Ahead of season two airing, Polly and Bessie hinted romance could be on the cards for Prudence after all. 

The news season focuses on Daphne Bridgerton’s (Phoebe Dynevor) older brother Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) as he sparks a romance with newcomer Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley). 

Appearing at the Bridgerton season two premiere on Tuesday, Lady Featherington actress Polly opened up about reprising her role with her on-screen daughters. 

When asked if Lady Featherington’s “pushy” tactics are going to change in season two of Bridgerton, Polly revealed: “They are always going to be controversial for sure. 

“But it’s always motivated from a place of love and duty, and it’s desperate times.” 

In a bid to find her daughters fitting husbands, Lady Featherinton has previously forced them all into corsets tied far too tightly before they were presented to the queen. 

The ruthless mother spent the majority of season one pushing her daughters on some rather disinterested parties at balls. 

Away from the Regency Period parties, the character was experiencing some relationship issues of her own as her husband Lord Featherington’s (Ben Miller) gambling addiction spiralled.

Reflecting on the drama, Polly explained how it’s love rather than malice which fuels her character’s actions. 

Polly was speaking at the premiere, which was held in London’s Tate Modern, alongside Prudence actress Bessie. 

Bessie, who quipped she preferred the name Prudence to her own as “it’s so silly” was asked whether her character will be luckier in love during season two. 

In the first season, Prudence’s loud outfits appeared to scare off potential suitors and many mens’ heads were instead turned by her distant cousin Marina Thompson (Ruby Barker). 

Bessie said she hoped her character would have more luck with men in the upcoming season. 

She added: “What’s lovely is you see her continue to struggle to find a husband and I think we identify with people who are trying really hard. 

“I mean hopefully, and she will continue to try hard and you will all find out to what avail.” 

Could this mean Prudence will walk down the aisle at the end of season two? 

A variety of new actors are set to star in the series, so could a new character be matched with Prudence?

Bessie was later asked what modern-day job Prudence would have to which the actress replied: “I think she would be a WAG.

“I think she would be sitting back and the husband would be doing the work – that’s no disrespect to WAGs out there. 

“She would be reaping the rewards and reaping the wealth which he brings in and getting her nails done probably every three days.” 

Bridgerton season one is available to watch on Netflix and season two comes out on Saturday, March 25.

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