Caleb's dark side explodes as he brutally attacks Leyla's stalker in Emmerdale

We’ve been on tenterhooks to find out what Caleb’s (William Ash) real deal is in Emmerdale – waltzing into town being everyone’s hero has raised a few red flags. And here is finally a glimpse at the dark side that we’ve suspected was there all along.

Unlucky in love Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) has fallen on even more hard times of late with the finalisation of divorce, screwing up her friendship with Jai (Chris Bisson), and endangering everyone with her plot to bring Callum down, so a flirt and a coffee with Caleb (Will Ash) is just what she needs.

Who knew that these two would make such a cute couple?! Their frisson escalates rapidly as before anyone knows it, the village is waking up to the gossip that the pair have spent the night together. But with Leyla being Leyla, her bliss doesn’t last long. Soon she’s rocked to learn Callum has been released on bail.

She’s right to be anxious as soon after the news breaks, someone is seen watching her from a distance. Caleb and Leyla settle in for a night of round two, but the creepy stalker is watching them get jiggy.

The next day, Leyla spots someone watching her from a car window and Caleb offers to confront the person for her. Leyla digs deep for inner strength and says no, she won’t let Callum scare her any longer (despite the fact he’s definitely got an axe to grind which means she is wholly unsafe).

But later, as Leyla enters the Village Hall, her stalker appears again, and an angry Caleb sees red – he loses it and turns violent on the stalker, taking matters into his own hands. Has Caleb finally snapped?

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