Cardi B was 'tired' of husband Offset's 'nonstop cheating' and sexting other women before she filed divorce papers

CARDI B was "tired" of her husband Offset's "nonstop cheating" and sexting other women before she filed divorce papers.

The Sun confirmed that the WAP rapper filed for divorce in Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia on Tuesday.

A friend of Cardi B, 27, revealed to The Sun that she couldn't take his alleged wandering eye anymore and decided to end the relationship.

"Everyone saw this split coming, and those closest to Cardi are so proud of her for finally saying enough is enough," the source revealed.

"Cardi confided in friends that she was tired of his nonstop cheating. It has been a problem in their relationship from the very beginning and she just couldn't take it anymore."

The source further claimed: "Cardi B is too good for this. She was constantly being hit up by women who would send her photos of their sexy text messages with Offset.

"These girls would claim they were hooking up with him.

"The last thing she needs to deal with, while she is working and caring for daughter Kulture, is babysitting him.

"This was a constant fight about cheating in their marriage and, according to those closest to Cardi, their relationship became toxic."

The friend said that if she ever confronted Offset with the messages, he thought he could make amends by buying her expensive things.

"Anytime she had what she felt was proof, he would shower her with flowers and gifts like jewelry and handbags. It was really ridiculous because that just doesn't fix the problem," the source said.

"Her friends have been urging her to get out of this marriage. They just want the best for her and let's face it, Cardi doesn't need handbags and jewelry from him because she can buy it herself.

"Her friend's have been telling her to move on, and have pointed out that they are from two different worlds. He loves Atlanta and she loves New York and LA.

"Friends don't think she'll keep the house they bought in Atlanta together. But Atlanta's where he always wants to be."

Just yesterday, Cardi B shocked her fans when she filed for divorce from Offset after three years of marriage.

When filing for divorce, the documents noted that it is a contested divorce.

She will also be amending her filing so Offset can have joint custody of their daughter as the rapper just wants to have an "amicable" split.

Only days before filing, the rapper posted a cryptic quote to her Instagram Story that read: "Her heart finally told her to stop wasting her time."

She added the caption: "It’s time."

Cardi, real name Belcalis Almanzar, and Migos' rapper Offset – real name Kiari Cephus – wed in 2017 and share daughter, Kulture, who was born in July 2018.

The rapper posted on Instagram to announce the news, sharing a picture of herself posing naked during her pregnancy along with a message revealing her daughter's birth.

She also disclosed the baby's name, simply writing: "Kulture Kiari Cephus 07/10/18 @offsetyrn."

They have long had a tumultuous relationship that was marred by cheating allegations.

Cardi B and Offset started dating in January of 2017 after they first met at an industry event and Offset pursued her.

"He was very consistent," Cardi said in a video on her Twitter account.

But in late 2018, Cardi revealed they had split and she intended to file for divorce.

Offset then made a shocking gesture, gatecrashing her set at the Rolling Loud festival.

Did Offset cheat on Cardi B?

Cardi B claims Offset cheated on her and that their relationship had "a lot of drama".

She spoke to multiple outlets about the ins and outs of their relationship after the pair secretly got married in September 2017.

Before filing for divorce, she told People: "There's always rumors about me and my husband, and I feel like people would rather start rumors because they want me to be heartbroken.

In January 2018, Cardi confirmed that Offset was involved in a sex tape cheating scandal following rumors of a video that caught him with another woman in December 2017.

The rapper stormed the stage with a floral messages reading: "Take me back Cardi".

The Bodak Yellow singer was mid performance at the Banc of California Stadium when Offset appeared, mic in hand.

A shocked Cardi, in a glitzy red bodysuit, looked at him disapprovingly and ordered him off the stage as her backing talent watched on.

Offset said: “All of my wrongs have been made public, I figure it’s only right that my apologies are made public too."

Alongside Takeoff and Quavo, Offset, 28, is the third member of the hip-hop group Migos.

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