Carole Baskin was 'run off the road' by a fan wanting a selfie as she reveals death threats after Netflix's Tiger King

CAROLE Baskin was "run off the road" by a fan who wanted a selfie after shooting to fame from Netflix's Tiger King.

But the 59-year-old says the price of fame has forced her to get used to death threats and fears of being kidnapped ever since it aired.

Appearing on ITV's This Morning ahead of her documentary with Louis Theroux, Carole said: "I ask everyone to keep a distance though because if someone was out to kill me that would be the easiest way to get really close.

"There have been times they have really scared me half to death. I ride my bike five miles each way back and forth to work.

"Just a few weeks ago this dark SUV with tinted windows ran me off the road – these people will do that to get a selfie.

"All the people jumped out and ran towards me. I thought I was being kidnapped. It was just everybody with their phones out asking if they can take a selfie."

Carole says her phone "rang every two minutes for three months" after Tiger King dropped on Netflix.

She claims she was misled by the makers of the docu-series, which followed the story of Joe Exotic.

"We thought we were working on the Black Fish for tiger cats," said Carole.

"We sat through the entire thing thinking, at some point they will get to the important stuff about not touching tiger cubs and how that's causing their extinction – but they just never did.

"At the end we just looked at each other gobsmacked and said 'well, that was a missed opportunity'.

"Then my phone started ringing every two minutes for three months with people just screaming obscenities at me and saying they wanted to kill me, they wanted to kill my family, they wanted to kill the cats, they wanted to burn the place to the ground…

"I was asking 'why do you want to kill the cats?' And they said it's because they don't believe they should be kept in cages, and I was like that's our entire mission."

Joe Exotic, real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage, is currently behind bars after having been found guilty of a murder-for-hire plot relating to Carole Baskin.

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