Castle Rock Canceled After 2 Seasons on Hulu

Castle Rock will not be returning to Hulu for a third season.

The anthology series, based on the stories of Stephen King, has officially been canceled, more than a year after its second season premiered, reports Deadline.

This psychological horror series, starring Bill Skarsgård, André Holland and Lizzy Caplan, takes place in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine, and incorporates characters from a variety of King’s famous stories.

The first season, which first premiered in July 2018, tells the story of Henry Deavor (Holland), a death-row attorney who returns home after an inmate (Skarsgård) requests him as his lawyer.

The second season explores a feud between warring clans that boils over when "budding psychopath" Annie Wilkes (Caplan) gets stuck in Castle Rock. The season debuted in October 2019 and wrapped up that December.

In an interview with Collider last year, creator Dustin Thomason was asked whether he and co-creator Sam Shaw had plans for the show’s third season. He told the outlet that the pair “really tried to map things out broadly, from the beginning.”

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"The plan was always to have an interconnected set of stories and, while every season would be its own launching point, there would be this fabric of Stephen's multiverse, if you will, that always bubbled beneath it, and a unity to the stories that existed,” he said in October 2019. “And so, I think fans of season 1 will find things in season 2, that maybe they're not expecting, along the way.”

Thomason added that he hoped season 3 would illustrate the plan the creators had from the start.

“And when we get to season 3,” he said. “I hope that there will be a continuation of what we’ve done in this season and an expansion, and the audience will start to feel that there was a plan from the beginning.”

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