Casualty spoilers: Fenisha takes drastic measures to save relationship with Ethan – but it comes at a price

CASUALTY'S Fenisha takes drastic measures to save her relationship with Ethan Hardy this week on the soap – but it comes at a price.

The paramedic, played by Olivia D'Lima in the BBC medical drama, and the consultants relationship has been rocky the last few months.

On Saturday night's instalment of the show fans can expect to see Fenisha confront Ethan about their feelings for one another.

But Fenisha doesn't like the response Ethan tells her – that she should stay with Matthew instead.

Despite telling her that he doesn't want to pursue anything, the mum-of-one confesses that she doesn't want to do that.

And little does she know that Matthew hears the whole conversation.

The paramedic decides to come clean to Matthew and puts an end to their relationship so that she can be with Ethan.

Things are made ten times worse when an angry Matthew bumps into the consultant at work and has a go at him for ruining his chance with the paramedic.

But Ethan doesn't understand why Matthew is so angry at him so goes to confront Fenisha about the situation.

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He manages to find her and she confesses her love for him, but Ethan knows it's not a good idea as he doesn't want her and their son Bondi to remember him as someone with Huntington's disease.

She agrees to let things go, but is later influenced after a chat with a patient and tries to win Ethan back.

Despite going to a huge amount of effort, Ethan still thinks it's a bad idea, but Fenisha doesn't want to give him.

She confesses all her true feelings for him and Ethan is so taken a back by her efforts.

The pair end up kissing in the moment – does this mean that their finally going to make a go of things?

Meanwhile things are still frosty between Rosa and David after the suspicion that the healthcare assistant drugged his son Ollie.

Ollie is rushed into hospital and David's worries become true when he realises that Rosa is magically there at the same time as him.

David isn't convinced that she's actually ill, but after further inspection, Jacob explains that it's because she's going through the menopause.

And the senior staff nurse is left seriously embarrassed when she manages to prove to him that she's not poisoning Ollie.

What does this mean for David and Rosa's relationship?

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