Catherine Tyldesley shows off her amazing 6 stone weight loss and says 'I couldn't walk up the stairs'

CATHERINE Tyldesley has shown off her amazing six stone weight loss and admitted she "couldn't walk up the stairs".

The former Coronation Street star, 37, was asked by a fan on Instagram what motivated her to shed so much weight.

Catherine then shared a side-by-side of the star when she was much younger, with a recent paparazzi snap of her on the beach.

The actress captioned the comparison: "I couldn't walk up stairs without gasping for breath.

"I had zero energy and my skin was terrible. Educating myself on nutrition was the best thing I ever did."

The picture shows Catherine at a dress size 22 as a teenager – whereas now she is a size eight.

The star, who is married to personal trainer Tom Pitfield, 32, has said in the past that she dropped from a size 22 to 10 by ditching Coronation Street’s pies and bacon butties.

Speaking about her time on Corrie, she said: “It’s just fitting it around your schedule. If I was working I’d go on walks.

“On night shoots there are a lot of pies and bacon sandwiches floating about but I took stuff with me.”

Catherine also revealed her body insecurities after giving birth to her son Alfie.

She added: “After having Alfie I thought my stomach was never going back to where it was and it was weight training that got it back to what it was.”

Catherine has been open in the past about her exercise regime, diet and weight.

While on the Strictly tour last year joked she "needed a pie" after she "lost my junk".

In a snap on Instagram, she pulled her skirt to reveal inches of space where her waist used to be.

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