'Chicago P.D.': 1 Recent Guest Star Had Amy Morton As a Teacher

Amy Morton is an accomplished actor who plays Sergeant Trudy Platt, the “mom” of Chicago P.D. Trudy is tough as nails but loves all the police under her charge and would do anything for them. She also married Mouch, a fan favorite on Chicago Fire, further enlarging the One Chicago universe.

In season eight, episode one of Chicago P.D., Cole Doman plays Billy Braddem, son of a famous ex-policeman who is found over his girlfriend’s body with a knife in his hand. Sounds like just another episode of Chicago P.D., right? Well, there a personal connection between Morton and Doman.

Who is Amy Morton?

According to the Chicago Tribune, Amy Morton was raised in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, where she completed River Park High School and attended Triton College and Clarke University. She went through all the ups and down that actors go through but was eventually rewarded for her hard work with two nominations for Best Actress at the Tony awards for the plays August: Osage County and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 

Morton had her first movie role as a supporting character to the starring Dolly Parton comedy film, Straight Talk and earned her first leading role in the movie, Rookie of the Year, playing Thomas Ian Nicholas’ mother.

Morton made her first appearance on television in 1983. She has appeared on a number of popular television drama shows such as ER, Private Practice, Homeland, and Blue Bloods. Morton earned a recurring role as Sergeant Trudy Platt on Chicago P.D. in 2014 and Morton’s character, Platt, became a series regular after the first season. Platt has become one of the most popular characters in the series — she’s tough but endlessly caring. If Voight is the guts of the series Platt is the heart, and she has gone from being initially disliked by fans to having her own Reddit fan page.

Who is Cole Doman?

Cole Doman Is a New York actor whose next significant role will be in Uncle Frank as young Frank Bledsoe, played by Paul Bettany, due to be released Thanksgiving Day, according to IMDb. In Chicago P.D., he plays Billy Braddem, who is found kneeling over his girlfriend’s stabbed body. After he is arrested, new arrival Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller, wants him booked quickly.

Chicago P.D. handles real-life issues and is currently reevaluating police actions amid backlash following the death of George Floyd. Miller does not want it to seem as if they’re playing favorites due to Braddem’s parentage. Naturally, Hank Voight is always going to do things his own way, and eventually, he and his team find the real killer, and Braddem is freed.

Morton was part of Coman’s early acting days

Doman started his acting career in 2015 and was accepted to the prestigious Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago. One of his primary teachers during this period was Amy Morton. She had been in the ensemble theater since 1997 and was legendary on the Chicago stage. In Anthem Magazine, Doman remembers, “It was all of these things that at one point was a fun, creative thing to do that became academic to me like, ‘I actually understand this. I want to take this art form and study it and learn technique.’ Amy was my Meisner [technique] teacher. So I feel like I really found my own path with it, and it’s also very much thanks to my mother and my sister.”

The One Chicago universe is forged with connections from Hailey Upton traveling to the show FBI to Chicago P.D.’s Platt being married to Chicago Fire’s Mouch. But sometimes, a real-life connection is forged too.

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