Chloe Ferry accused of ANOTHER Photoshop fail in sexy pic as fans realise her car number plate is curved

CHLOE Ferry has been accused of ANOTHER Photoshop fail in her latest sexy snap on Instagram.

Suspicious followers spotted the number plate on her new £160,000 Lamborghini looked curved and they called out the star in the comments section beneath her photo.

Chloe, 26, posed next to her flashy red motor in tight black leggings, and she drew attention to her famous curves.

The Geordie Shore star wrote beside her pic: "She got the fatty 🍑"

But one fan snapped back: "what happened next to the number plate? editing photos again?"

Another follower sniped: "When are u going to realise it’s obvious u photoshop"

Last month the Newcastle beauty was accused of Photoshopping her bum AGAIN as she shared a sizzling bikini photo.

The star stripped off in her garden as she joined Brits throughout the country enjoying the March heatwave.

But her followers noticed something strange about the shape of the fence she was leaning on after she posted the snap on Instagram.

Sharing the pic with her 3.5million followers Chloe wrote: "Anyone else enjoying the sun as much as me today ….?"

One hit back: "Why edit your butt to look bigger? The fence is curved and you can tell. You don’t need to do that!! You are sexy without it girl xx."

She was also accused of Photoshopping yet another of her sexy snaps earlier in the week.

The reality star came under fire from fans who begged her to lead a better example to "young girls".

The Geordie Shore favourite shared two photos on Monday that left fans claiming she had edited her bum, as they spotted an odd detail in the background.

Chloe drew attention to her shapely bottom as she wrote: "A man that can hold the door for you and smack your 🍑."

But the star, who posed in a tight, brown jumpsuit, was swiftly called out by eagle-eyed followers who noticed the editing lines along her legs and "bowed" lines on the boxes on the shelves behind her.

One follower kicked off a thread of comments that criticised the celeb.

They wrote: "Shame it's another photoshop.. Seeing as the white box is bowed."

Another replied: "Can literally see the outline right down her right leg where they f***ed it up."

And a third raged: "There’s young girls out there that want a figure like this and it ain’t real??!!! Can’t you tell by the boxes?"

Others were left unimpressed by Chloe appearing to Photoshop her face.

One follower wrote: "She's clearly uses facetune, she's openly said she has, so I don't think there's a problem when someone points out her facetune attempt this time wasn't good."

In June, her followers pointed out several curiosities in a racy red lingerie post, with curved lines and sharp angles usually tell-tale signs a slimming tool has been used.

Followers also pointed out her wonky door in one underwear snap this April.

The star opened up about her impressive weight loss, revealing that she has gone from 11 stone seven pounds, to nine stone nine pounds in just 12 months.

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