Chloe Ferry reveals her bum is so big it empties water from the bath in candid tub video

CHLOE Ferry shared a candid video from her bathtub tonight as she made a confession about her famous bum.

And the Geordie Shore babe revealed her rear is so big that it can empty water from the overflowing tub.

Reality TV star Chloe made waves with her incredible curves whilst chatting to fans a video Instagram – and revealed the water escapes onto the floor thanks to the motion.

She started by saying: "Oh god, it's been a long day, I could murder a glass of wine."

But distracted by the water splashing everywhere, she added: "Why is me bath emptying?

"It's really funny right, me arse is that big it keeps emptying the bath."

In another carefully staged photo Chloe revealed her body as she soaked in the tub.

Last year she leaned back in the tub with her arms crossed over her boobs, with mounds of bubbles over her privates – and took photos of herself in her mirror on the ceiling.

Before that, Chloe posted another picture of her naked in a luxurious bathtub asking: "Who wants to come rub my back?"

The Newcastle native has recently undergone a dramatic body transformation and has showed fans the results in before-and-after pics.

Last week she broke down in tears at the response she received from followers, saying there was once a point when she "literally hated myself".

She explained: "Guys, the before and after picture is up now and I'm literally shaking.

"Honestly, I can't get over the reaction I'm getting before and after. I was so, so scared about posting it but thank you so much! I'm really, really grateful for all the nice comments. Thank you so much.

"It's took us a lot to post this photo. Everything I do, everything I say gets judged on and I'm so pleased with all the nice comments. I honestly thought I was going to get hate again.

"I'm so happy, I'm over whelmed. There was a point where I literally hated myself."

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