Chris Hemsworth's Wife Accidentally Ordered Too Much Toilet Paper: 'We Can Bootleg This Stuff'

The coronavirus has left many shelves empty where toilet paper used to be, but Chris Hemsworth says his family is swimming in the stuff due to a mistake made long before toilet paper shortages made headlines.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Avenger said his wife, Elsa Patacky, accidentally ordered way too much a few months back.

"My wife was ordering a box of toilet paper, like, three months ago and thought it was 15 rolls and ordered 15 boxes," he told Kimmel. "So, unintentionally, we're stocked. We can bootleg this stuff if need be, but we have 15 boxes of toilet paper there."

Later on in the interview, the host joked that Hemsworth should use his Thor hammer to hold the excess toilet paper after he showed off the massive prop onscreen.

"You know what would be fun? If you stand that thing up and put some of your many rolls of toilet paper on it. You can use that as a pretty nifty toilet paper holder," Kimmel said.

Hemsworth also chatted with Kimmel about how homeschooling is going with him and Pataky’s three kids, daughter India Rose, 7, and twin sons Sasha and Tristan, 6.

"I'm trying. I'm failing miserably,” he shared. “It's sort of, you know, four or five hours of negotiation and bribery and then maybe 20 minutes of actual work, if that.”

Hemsworth continued, “And everything's changed since I was in school. I was talking to the teacher about it and adding, subtracting, so on, it's not quite as straightforward now."

He then joked that he’s “relaxed in the idea that they're going to come out of this quarantine IQ a little under par.”

As for how he escapes while isolated with his family, Hemsworth shared that he’s been mowing the lawn (especially when it comes time for homeschooling).

"I actually really like mowing the lawn," he said. "I got this ride-on mower a few months back and there's something quite therapeutic about it. And it may be just a few hours of escape from having to entertain three kids 24/7 or teach kids."

"It's usually around school time that the lawns need to be mowed conveniently,” he added, teasing. “‘Honey, that lawn's growing, It's a jungle out there. I gotta get to it, sorry.'"

Hemsworth's new film Extraction is now streaming on Netflix.

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