Christine McGuinness says autistic children have ‘barely eaten’ in 3 weeks as she laments being unable to buy McDonald’s – The Sun

CHRISTINE McGuinness has revealed her three autistic children have "barely eaten" in more than three weeks due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their routines.

The mum-of-three, 32, told her Instagram following how she missed McDonald's being open as it she could always rely on her kids to eat it.

She explained: "The one meal all three of my children would eat @mcdonalds we miss you!

"I never thought I would wish for fast food for my children but as I expected the changes have affected them and two of my children are barely eating, it’s been like this for over 3 weeks now.

"This is not ‘fussy eaters’ this is down to struggling with change, massive change in their little lives. I know we are not alone, I’ve had so many messages about McDs! 😁 #AutismAwareness ❤️ If you know, you know..

"McDs is a ‘safe’ food, it always looks the same, it tastes the same, the texture and smell is always the same.. and it’s beige and dry! sending love if you are in the same situation right now!"

Last month Christine begged supermarket stockpilers to think of her autistic children in an emotional appeal.

The beauty shares six-year-old twins Leo and Penelope, and three-year-old Felicity with husband Paddy McGuinness.

Taking to her Instagram page, the beauty shared a drawing of a heart balloon with "be kind" written in the string.

Christine captioned the post: "When you are emptying the shelves at your supermarket please bare in mind that you are emptying the tummy’s of our vulnerable, including my own children. ⠀

"Many children and adults with autism have a very restricted diet, the variation of food they eat is quite often extremely limited.⠀

"Some people with autism and other conditions that include sensory food aversions will go hungry from your greed. ⠀

"The supermarkets have stated that there is enough food, you DO NOT need to empty the shelves putting our vulnerable at risk of further health conditions."

She added the hashtags: "#BeKind #Autism #AutismAwareness #Sensory #LimitedFood #ThinkOfOthers".

Christine was inundated with support from her followers, with many sharing their own difficult experiences in the shops.

One commented: "I cried in the middle of the supermarket last week cause of people’s greed and being unable to get stuff that my son needs for his own needs….. It’s all very upsetting."


Another wrote: "This is our situation. I’ve got some lovely friends who have given me the only bread my daughter will eat and a lovely local shop keeper who showed me all the penne pasta he has as that’s the only pasta she I will eat and can also be fussy with brands."

Her husband Paddy previously spoke out against Brits who have stockpiled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic – leaving the supermarket shelves empty for others.

In a passionate video he branded those who have panic-bought toilet paper "massive d**kheads".


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