Clayton Echard Had No Idea His Season Was So Dramatic Until He Saw the Promo

Bachelor Nation fans that were worried Clayton Echard’s season was going to be fully zzzz have nothing to worry about, because the promos have truly been doing the most. And uh, apparently this is news to Clayton, who had no idea so much drama was happening between his contestants.

Speaking to E! News, Clayton explained that watching the promos made him realize “this is actually what happened versus I was told something different.” As a result, he’s excited to watch the show and see what really went on when he wasn’t on screen. “I’m kind of excited to see in that realm,” he shared. “I mean, I knew about all of the drama, but I didn’t see it all…so it will be an experience to watch it all back.”

Clayton also touched on this during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying “That’s gonna be a whole new side of it that I’m gonna watch for the first time. I was told about a lot of things but now I’m gonna find out who actually was telling the real story. That will be fun to see and, who knows, maybe fast forward to the Women Tell All and maybe I’ll be having some questions for some people. I’ll be like, ‘Hey, the way you recounted this, that’s not what I saw.'”

Speaking of DRAMA, guess it’s time to turn our attention to this preview of Clayton casually informing multiple contestants he’d been intimate with all of them.

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