Colbert Imagines if Biden's Dogs Explained Biting Incident to Oprah, Meghan and Harry Style (Video)

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Courtesy of Biden Campaign/Dr. Jill Biden

Stephen Colbert found a way to combine one of the weirdest stories of the day with one of the biggest stories of the month, when he imagined what it would be like if Joe Biden’s dogs, Major and Champ, held a sit down interview with Oprah to explain their side of the biting incident.

That would be the report on Monday that the two presidential German Shepherds were relocated to Biden’s home in Delaware after Major showed “aggressive behavior” toward a White House security member. It was later reported that the whole thing is way less serious than it sounds. According to the Washington Post, Major ‘nipped at an agent’s hand, causing “extremely minor” injuries with no puncturing of the skin.

As “The Late Show” imagined it, both dogs decided to take their story to the biggest microphone in America, Oprah, just like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did last Sunday.

Of course, things went a bit differently than the earlier groundbreaking interview. Major and Champ denied biting anyone, then claimed it was actually a member of Biden’s security detail who bit them. But then they ended up undercutting their whole thing when they proceeded to run off to bite the mailman, apparently ending the interview.

But it’s way funnier than our stupid description, so you should watch the clip below:

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