Cole Sprouse Hilariously Claps Back at Costar Casey Cott for Calling His Beard 'Awful'

Cole Sprouse is hilariously firing back at his Riverdale costar Casey Cott for calling his beard "awful."

In response to Sprouse's recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, during which The Suite Life of Zack & Cody star, 27, showed off his new facial hair, Cott tweeted, "Why does he keep itching his awful chin beard during this interview?"

Cole didn't waste any time, tweeting back, "That hairy chin said more words in that interview than you did in the last 4 seasons," in reference to Cott's role as Kevin Keller on Riverdale.

Cott first appeared in season one and then became a season regular during season 2.

Cole plays main character Jughead Jones on The CW drama series.

Aside from proudly defending his beard to Cott, Cole talked about his new look to Fallon and explained he grew it for an upcoming role.


On Tuesday's virtual episode, Cole revealed his facial hair has sparked a "violent competition" with his twin brother Dylan.

Cole said Dylan has gone "full Viking mode" with his facial hair, while Cole said he's aiming for a "Victorian man" inspired look.

"Let me see that 'stache. Can I pull on it?" Fallon, 45, said at the beginning of the segment.

"Do you want to twist it?" Cole replied, adding that his new facial hair inspired his outfit of the day (a crisp white button down and a red bandana scarf), "I figured I’d dress up like a young Chef Boyardee for you today to really scare my entire audience."

When Fallon — who admitted he’s a big fan of the mustache — asked why he wanted to grow out his facial hair, Cole explained he originally did it for an upcoming acting role then decided to keep experimenting with different styles while stuck in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"This has taken me the fullness of the quarantine thus far," the Disney Channel alum told Fallon. "I’ve been trimming. I’ve been making sure it all looks kosher. My brother and I have been in a violent competition for whose facial hair is more robust."

Cole described Dylan’s beard as "devilish" with "a Shakespearean point [on] his chin," adding, "I was sort of going for a Victorian man that’s trying to tie a woman to the train tracks and he’s gonna go for like full Viking mode."

The actor then applied a bit of wax and proceeded to twist his mustache, forming stiff peaks on both ends, as the television personality oohed and awed: "That's what I’m talking about. Oh my gosh!" Fallon joked.

Last week, Cole debuted the mustache in black-and-white portrait photo: "How to polarize a young fanbase," he captioned the post on Instagram.

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