Colin Jackson says he has ‘unfinished business’ ahead of Dancing on Ice return

Colin Jackson CBE has revealed that he's returning to Dancing on Ice as he has "unfinished business" with the ITV show.

Fans will remember that the former sprint hurdling athlete took part in Dancing on Ice Goes Gold, a one-off special that featured Olympians, back in 2012.

He managed to score an impressive 26.5 out of a possible 30 for his performance but Olympic Rowing champion Steve Williams OBE was crowned the champion.

Almost nine years on, Colin is determined to scoop gold as he returns to the ice for the first time.

"I think truly it’s unfinished business really," the 53-year-old Welsh sporting hero teased.

"On that show we only had very limited time on the ice to try and learn a real skill.

"Doing the actual show gives you far more time to actually hone something and to learn something properly, more in depth."

He went on to reveal that taking part in the special episode made him sign up for the main show.

"For me I had a bit of a taster back then, I’d never skated before and I’ve never skated since," Colin admitted.

"I literally haven’t gone on the ice since but I really wish I had now.

"I’ll have to relearn everything as it’s been such a long time.

"It genuinely feels brand-new, brand-new partner and everything so I’m excited."

Colin revealed that he is excited to embrace all the sequins and sparkles which come with the show.

He explained: "What I’m looking forward to is the proper glamour bit!

"When you dress up you become another character and I love the fact that I can become another character.

"That’s one of the best things. It’s quite liberating in a sense.

"If you can only stay as yourself you become more self-conscious, the costume and character frees you. It helps you to be the character in the moment."

Colin took part in Strictly Come Dancing 15 years ago and he decided that 2021 was the right year to sign up for the greatest show on ice.

Discussing the reason behind his stint on Dancing on Ice, he said: "Each year I always want to improve myself and I want to show people that age is only a number.

"Also, I physically feel better now than I did at twenty because I’m not pushing myself in the same way.

"This for me is more of a mental challenge than a physical one."

He added: "When you’re in your 50s, as I am now, you can start to cruise, to think well I’ve achieved everything I wanted to achieve but why cruise? If I’m capable of it, why not?"

Dancing on Ice returns to ITV on Sunday at 6pm

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