Coronation Street fans think Geoff's days are numbered as Alya tells him to 'drop dead'

CORONATION Street fans are sure Geoff might not be alive much longer after Alya tells him to "drop dead".

Geoff rocked up to work at Speed Daal and started terrorising Alya.

When Alya ordered him to get out, Geoff points out that legally he has every right to be there and that she’d better get used to him being around. 

Geoff then irritated Alya further when he announces he’s applied for an alcohol license and cancelled their supplier, only to arrange an agreement with another.

He also cut the shifts of other workers, so that he could back full time.

Alya pointed out that he needed Yasmeen’s permission to make any changes to the business.

But then Geoff revealed her ailing grandmother gave him power of attorney months ago, which is especially frightening give Yasmeen is in hospital and he could make medical decisions on her behalf.

"You're bluffing," Alya scoffed at him in disbelief.

"Ask her if you don't believe me," Geoff replied.

To which Alya said: "Well I can guess who's idea that was."

Geoff continued to terrorise Alya and told her to smile more.

She curtly replied: "Yeah, well that'll happen when you drop dead."

Before leaving the restaurant, Geoff had a menacing warning for Alya after she told him, "you're not going to win you know".

"That's what your gran thought, at first, until I showed her who was boss," the domestic abuser said as he walked out.

Corrie fans were sure Alya's turn of phrase saying she'll only be happy when Geoff's dead meant his days were numbered.

One Twitter user said: "Geoff is getting too cocky, he is going to slip up & I can't bloody wait!!!!!!"

While another added: "The sooner Geoff Metcalfe dies in Corrie the better ! I hate him."

And a third said: "Well said Alya! I beet Yasmeen was coerced into signing the Power of Attorney by vile slime Geoff."

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