Coronation Street spoilers: Geoff Metcalfe to be booted out of Sally's home as she sides with Yasmeen

SALLY Metcalfe gets grief from her stepdaughter Faye and Tim next week in Coronation Street after kicking Geoff out of the house.

Fans have long suspected that Sally will hold the key to exposing Yasmeen's abuser after she appeared to grow suspicious of her father-in-law's antics.

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And it seems they might be right as episodes of Corrie set to air this week will see Sally kick Geoff out of the house after Yasmeen pleads not guilty to the attempted murder charge. 

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Sally’s hostility continue as she refuses to sit with Tim and Geoff in the pub. 

Later in the week, Geoff sneakily tells Faye that Sally kicked him out of the house and has sided with Yasmeen.

Faye, who believes Geoff is innocent, is furious and heads over to confront her dad Tim. 

Faye then challenges Tim and Sally on the cobbles as Tim tries to usher her inside. 

Later, Alya tells Imran that she thinks Sally kicked Geoff out because she knows Yasmeen was innocent – and that they need to get her on side. 

Disaster strikes when Faye packs her bags and tells Tim and Sally that she’s moving in with Geoff to show her support. 

Tim is furious with Sally, while Geoff pretends to remain calm.

Will Faye dampen Sally’s resentment towards Geoff and stop her exposing his abuse?

Corrie fans are convinced that the women of Weatherfield are going to uncover Geoff’s abuse and come to Yasmeen’s rescue.  

Sally was Yasmeen’s nosy next door neighbour and witnessed a string of suspicious events ahead of her arrest – and fans think she’ll put forward the evidence needed to free the innocent chef.

Last Tuesday, Sally Dyvenor appeared on This Morning where she revealed her character will become pivotal in the ongoing storyline.

The actress said: "Remember, Sally spent time in prison for something that she didn't do, so there's no way she will allow Yasmeen to spend years behind bars for something she didn't do."

Sally added that siding with Yasmeen is going to threaten her character’s relationship with Tim.

She said: "This is really going to be affected because he's on Team Geoff, and I was on Team Geoff but now I found out about what's going on, I'm going on to Team Yasmeen.”

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