Coronation Street spoilers: Yasmeen terrified in prison as she's charged with attempted murder

YASMEEN Nazir’s abuse ordeal is only going to worsen next week in Coronation Street when she is arrested and charged with attempted murder after slashing Geoff Metcalfe with a bottle in self-defence.

The chef – who is played by actress Shelley King in the ITV soap – has been coercively controlled by Geoff for over a year and is finally driven to breaking point when he launches at her with a knife in upcoming scenes.

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Corrie fans have watched in horror as Geoff has rinsed Yasmeen of all her self-esteem, cut her off from her friends and family and controlled her every move over the last year in the soap's hard-hitting coercive control storyline.

Scenes set to air this week will see Geoff's abuse reach an explosive peak as he forces starving Yasmeen to wear one of his escort's dresses to the Bistro reopening. 

Yasmeen feels self-conscious but does as Geoff tells her to and heads to the Bistro in the revealing number.

When they finally get home after the event, Geoff enjoys telling her that she’s wearing a dress he originally bought for an escort.

Yasmeen is horrified by his revelation and a huge row breaks out between the pair.

And when Geoff lashes out at Yasmeen with a huge knife, she protects herself by hitting him with a bottle. 

The bottle breaks and she ends up slashing his neck with the shards, watching in horror as he slumps to the floor bleeding. 

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Peter, Brian, Cathy and Carla discuss Geoff and Yasmeen’s rapid exit for the Bistro reopening. 

Meanwhile, Yasmeen looks down at Geoff bleeding on the floor and hurriedly calls 999, telling the operator she’s killed her husband. 

The gang in the pub head outside in time to see an ambulance pulling up outside Geoff and Yasmeen’s house. 

Peter, Brian and Cathy look on in shock and Tim tries to run towards the house – but is blocked by a police officer.

The paramedics attend to Geoff while Yasmeen is whisked away by the police. 

She arrives at the station to find Imran waiting for her there, having been phoned by Ryan already.

In the Rovers, the police question the customers about Geoff and Yasmeen’s relationship in the wake of the attack. 

Later, Yasmeen sits in her police cell and tries to process what’s happened. 

Meanwhile, the police search the house for evidence, but fail to find Geoff’s hidden cameras. 

A panicked Alya rushes back from Spain and heads straight to the police station when she discovers what has happened. 

Alya then rushes around trying to tell everyone Yasmeen’s side of the story. 

But at the police station Yasmeen is terrified as she’s charged with attempted murder. 

The Sun Online revealed last month that Yasmeen was going to be charged with Geoff's attempted murder and that in upcoming viewers will be devastated as she struggles to get people to believe what Geoff has done to her for months. 

The soap has worked with charity Women's Aid in order to raise awareness of coercive control and the storyline has been widely praised for its accurate portrayal. 

Teresa Parker of Women's Aid praised the soap for tackling the hard-hitting and uncomfortable subject.

She said: "Coercive control underpins almost all abusive relationships, and Geoff has established himself at the centre of Yasmeen's life, and manipulated her in so many ways, controlling what she can and can’t do.

"She is doubting her own judgement and memories. Gradually we are seeing the long term effects of living with an abusive partner, as she sees less of her family and friends and becomes increasingly isolated."

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