Coronation Street star reveals how 'hateful and disgusting' acid attack happens

Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still) briefly appeared in an episode of Coronation Street a few months ago. He was sitting in the same waiting room as Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) and they got talking as Justin opened up about his mother being unwell, and Daisy attempted to pass the time as she anxiously waited for the result of her breast cancer scan.

Little did Daisy know that weeks later, Justin would be making her life a living hell as her stalker.

Initially, Daisy didn’t know who Justin was when they first met in the pub, but once he revealed they had seen each other at the hospital, she was stunned to discover how much effort he had gone to in order to find out where she was from.

Now, what started as messages on social media and flower deliveries will soon spiral into something that is going to change Daisy’s life forever – an acid attack.

After being arrested, Justin returns to the pub on Daisy’s wedding day.

He lurks in the shadows as Daisy and Ryan (Ryan Prescott) watch him and, declaring that no one will want to be with her after what he’s about to do, Justin then throws a glass of acid at Daisy.

‘It felt really disgusting to read those lines and go through that action, I spoke about that with Charlie. It’s really, so incredibly hateful and a nasty thing to do’, actor Andrew Still told us recently as he recalled filming what’s ahead.

‘Justin’s thought process would be, in Victoria Garden or when he’s been arrested, that he’s now taking everything on board that Daisy’s been saying over the course of these weeks – they are never going to be together, she doesn’t want anything to do with him, as that’s all sinking in that is obviously hurting his pride, and his ego and it’s piling on top of everything he feels about his mum, too.’

‘He’s also massively jealous about the wedding’, Andrew explained.

‘As Daisy has a future to look forward to, in that moment, he is looking for a way to hurt her in the same way that she’s hurt him. I think he’s going to make all sort of excuses after, to try and justify why he did this, but it simply comes from a place of hate and there is absolutely no love in this.

‘We have to play it truthfully. You have to almost feel the emotions and it was horrible but hopefully, that was translated on screen. I don’t agree, at all, with Justin and his actions, they are disgusting. To play that, you have to find the truth in the character and their point of view. Finding that journey is the hardest, but definitely the most rewarding part’.

‘I was shocked!’, he added, describing his reaction to the next part of the storyline.

‘I had no idea that it would go that far. It’s such an awful crime and you want to do it justice. I really did my research and hopefully it will resonate with the audience.’

‘I didn’t know about the attack when I first started. I was doing a lot of research into stalking initially and different types of stalkers. I was looking at that, what causes stalking and people’s thought processes as well.

‘When we started the acid attack storyline, I was reading a lot of articles and news stories about things that have happened. Charities like ASTI (Acid Survivors Trust International) had a lot of stories to tell about survivors and what they have been through.

‘I think it’s really important to have an understanding of the story that we are going to tell’.

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