Coronation Street stars fume as nails from nearby building works puncture their car tyres on their way to set

CORONATION Street stars face a gauntlet of costly challenges getting to work as stray nails puncture their car tyres.

It turns out set building on the beloved ITV soap accidentally – but far too regularly – sends a bunch of scattered nails into the path of the stars driving into work.

Tony Maudsley, 52, who plays George Shuttleworth, took to Twitter to complain about the ongoing problem.

He joked a "nasty gremlin" was after him, until a Corrie staffer pointed out the real reason for his multiple trips to the tyre shop.

"How do I keep getting nails in the same tyre?? ANOTHER £160 down the drain I'm convinced some nasty gremlin is chasing me about town with a hammer and a tool box!!" an angry Tony wrote on Twitter.

But then Corrie's location manager Noami Sloyan cleared things up for him, by replying to him.

"From the car park at Corrie. So much set construction using nails and screws, they are everywhere. Common problem and a pain in the a**e," she replied adding laughing emojis.

The revelation made Tony joke that he'll have to "get a couple of brooms fitted to my front bumper!"

The Sun has reached out to ITV for comment.

Tony made his debut on Corrie this year after playing hair stylist Kenneth DuBeke on Benidorm.

Tony will arrived on The Cobbles in September playing George, the son of undertaker Archie.

His character took over his father's business, working closely with Mary Taylor (Patti Clare), as Prestons Petals provides all the ceremonial flowers.

But TV fans will remember him well as flamboyant hairdresser Kenneth in Benidorm – a role that he played for seven years from 2011.

His career started when he landed a role in the film, A Life for a Life, in 1998 where he played the part of Stefan Kiszko.

Since then Tony has starred in many TV shows including Doc Martin, Miss Marple and Ordinary Lives.

He has also appeared in many films including Sleepy Hollow where he played Van Ripper and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, playing Grawp, Hagrid's giant brother.




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