Coronation Street’s Debbie Webster exposed as Ray Crosby’s business partner by her furious brother Kevin

CORONATION Street villain Debbie Webster was finally exposed as Ray Crosby’s business partner tonight.

The businesswoman – who is played by actress Sue Devaney in the ITV soap – has been secretly buying up the properties on the street to bulldoze them and build a huge hotel there instead.

She even tried to frame Abi Franklin for being back on heroin in an effort to keep her secrets, but tonight in the 60th anniversary special episode, it was all over.

The penny finally dropped for Kevin and he confronted Debbie over Abi’s claims.

He thundered: “My own sister, I knew you were skint but not that skint.”

But Debbie had had enough of playing the victim of circumstance and finally came clean.

She hit back: “He doesn’t pay me – we’re partners. 

“Business partners for three years and counting. Open your eyes Kev. This development’s the best thing to ever happen to you. 

“Money in the bank from the garage sale, loads of new customers, house prices on the up, a better class of people at Bessie Street.”

She added: “I stood at Molly’s graveside with you and Jack this morning. What that lad’s had to contend with but it doesn’t have to define him.”

Kevin furiously shouted: “You don’t care about me or Jack. We were just a foot in the door.”

Speaking louder, Kev decided to expose Debbie to all of the protestors. 

He said: “Here’s how Ray Crosby managed to snap up half the street, here’s how he managed to stay one step ahead of all our plans. 

“My sister, Ray’s oppo. She’s stitched us up.”

Debbie was left screaming at Kevin to not leave her as she walked off in disgust.

In the coming weeks Debbie and Ray’s scheme will step up a notch as they fight the residents’ plans to stop them.

But when Debbie finds out that Ray Crosby has been accused of raping his assistant manager Faye Windass, she’s going to have second thoughts.

And she could turn on him, but will it be enough to save her own family’s relationships?

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