Coronation Street’s Sarah slammed for ‘casually racist’ remark during fiery rant

Coronation Street 's Sarah Platt (Tina O'Brien) outraged viewers as she unleashed her fury at her ex Adam Barlow during Wednesday's edition of the show

Sarah was left fuming as she saw her ex-husband Adam Barlow talking to Alina Pop when she was supposed to be working in the knicker factory.

As she accused her ex of trying it on with her employee, she branded him a "super smug Scottish g*t."

They rushed dos social media to share their shock at Sarah's comments, as one wrote: "You know that referring to someone's national origins as an insult or reason to deny something has been held to be racist, Sarah Platt?! #ScottishG*t."

Another added: "Well thats the Scottish audience switching off #casualracism."

A third scolded: ""Corrie why did you need to include 'Scottish' in Sarah's rant? was 'Stupid, Smug, G*t' not enough? Wonder how many more Scottish references you’re going to throw in #RacistCorrie."

A fourth said: "Scottish g*t, skatin on thin ice there Sarah."

A fifth chipped in: "Is it me, or do people chuck in the word 'Scottish' a lot when they’re mad at Adam like it’s an insult all by itself? Can we just, like, not do that any more…? #Corrie #coronationstreet."

Adam and Sarah only got married earlier this year, but called it quits after he worried that she still had feelings for her ex Gary Windass.

She protected him and helped him cover up the disappearance of loan shark Rick Neelan after realising he had murdered him last year.

They got engaged last Christmas in a whirlwind romance, as Adam seized the moment during the gun siege on Christmas Day, after Derek Milligan went on a rampage.

Could Sarah end up getting back with killer Gary?

Corrie continues on Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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