'Counting On': Fans Question Jessa Duggar's Motivation For Her 'Childhood Memory' Videos

If fans weren’t completely sold on the idea that JessaDuggar was launching a damage control campaign on YouTube, they sure are confidentnow.  Two weeks after the mother of threeposted a lengthy video about growing up with JimBob Duggar, she was back on the video-sharing platform with yet anotherlong piece of content. This time, Jessa recounted all of her favorite momentswith her mother, Michelle Duggar. The sappy video, along with her previouslyposted content, has family critics debating the motivation behind the videos,and many seem to agree that Jim Bob has crowned Jessa his damage control queen.

Jessa spent 45-minutes talking about Michelle Duggar

Jessa has been busy creating YouTube content. Between videosabout feeding picky eaters, and givinghaircuts, she’s added a couple of videos that struck family followers as alittle strange. Two weeks ago, Jessa uploaded a 52-minute long video about herfavorite memories of her father. The tribute video didn’t correlate with anysignificant event in Jim Bob’s life.

This week, Jessa shared a similar video about her mother,Michelle. The 46-minute upload followed the same format as Jessa’s previous video.She spent the majority of the video recounting her favorite moments with Michelleand discussed what she learned from the mother of 19 about raising a family,just as she did for her father.

Is Jessa Duggar trying to rebut Derick Dillard’s narrative?

Jim Bob, Michelle, and Jessa seem to be busy trying to put apositive spin on the family’s image. Family followers were incredulous aboutJessa’s first video, but now that she’s posted a second one, they seem reasonablyconfident that Jessa was put up to the task by her parents. Why Jessa? Themother of three has managed to cultivate themost significant social media following of her siblings, and also happensto be the most outspoken Duggar, it would seem. She also appears to be entirelyfinancially dependent on her parents.

Aside from Jessa’s tribute videos, the Duggar family istrying to make fans think everything is alright with the Dillards. Shortly beforeDerick consented to an interview with Without aCrystal Ball, Michelle and Jim Bob took to Instagram to wish Derick a happybirthday, a move that seemed transparent, at best. They hadn’t bothered toaddress Derick, their daughter, Jill Duggar, or their two grandchildren, formore than two years before the surprise shoutout.

They also recently shared a snapshot of their “visit” to IsraelDillard on his birthday. Derick, Jill, and their two sons are abiding bysocial distancing recommendations, so Michelle and several younger Duggarsnever went inside the home. Some family followers noted that the picture wasposted after critics suggested Derick and Jill’s children seemed to have almostno relationship with JimBob and Michelle.

Will Derick Dillard ever speak out again?

WithJessa working overtime to make her mother and father look good on theinternet, critics’ eyes are turned towards Derick. Everyone seems to be wonderingif Derick will launch a rebuttal of Jessa’s fond memories. Derick has promisedto share more information as he can, but he’s yet to jump back on social mediato drop new tidbits. Whether or not that will happen, however, remains unknown.

Another possibility is that Jim Bob and Michelle are tryingto spin the narrative now, in anticipation of Derick publishing a book abouthis life inside the Duggar clan. Derick has made it clear that he’sworking on some sort of memoir. How much that will cover Jim Bob andMichelle is unknown, but considering the fact that he’s been willing to speakout against his in-laws on social media, fans are assuming he’ll cover, atleast, some juicy details.

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