Dana Carvey Tests Out 'Intentionally Terrible' Redneck Jokes on Conan's Second-To-Last Show (Video)

O’Brien is not amused — at first

Jennifer Maas

OK, so what you got here, Carvey?

“You ever crap so big you don’t know gonna go down that toilet? Come and get some,” Carvey’s Red Rednecky said.

“Wait, is that his cachprhase, ‘Come and get some?” O’Brien asked.

Yes, yes it is.

“I married my sister, only cause mama turned me down. Come and get some.”

“This is scaring me because this would do very well in some places,” Conan said, laughing.

Here’s a few more Red Rednecky one-liners from Carvey:

“I asked my mama what’s for dinner, she says roadkill, I say, what kind? She says, I gotta take a drive. Come and get some.”

“My grandpa invented the phrase dollars to donuts. Every time I got a buck, he bought a donut. He died at 37. Come and get some.”

“This one is a little emotional: My mama said, what’s your dream, Red? I said, living in a shack and drinking beer all day. She said, don’t dream too big because you always end up disappointed. Come and get some.”

At the end of Carvey’s routine, Conan thanked him, kind of: “I want to say, until you started trying s–t out, it was an honor having you here.”

Watch the full interview via the video above.

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