Dancing on Ice 2022 most terrifying injuries so far – from Bez to Connor Ball

ITV's Dancing On Ice has become widely known as one of the most dangerous reality shows on British television.

With several stars bravely partaking in jaw-dropping lifts and gravity-defying stunts on the ice, the popular programme has often left viewers and show judges squeamish.

Throughout the years, several contestants and professional skaters have pushed themselves to the limits and had accidents while training or on the live show itself.

And this year's series is no exception, as many of the celebrity contestants have already experienced a terrible accident that has left them fairly shaken.

Now that we are halfway through this year's competition, Dail Star has taken a look at the most terrifying falls and injuries that have taken place so far.

Bez smashes head on ice

Happy Mondays star Bez experienced a brutal fall in January while training for the dancing compeition.

With only two days to go before the show's highly anticipated launch, Bez, 57, fell to the ground on his back and his head hit the ice.

Although he was wearing a helmet at the time, the star's protection gear bounced off his head and rolled away.

Lying down flat on the ice, Bez tried his best to slowly get back up on his feet but his dance partner Angela Egan encouraged him to take his time.

Since the horrifying incident, Bez has continued to wear his helmet during the live shows – something that hasn't been permitted before.

Previously discussing his accident on ITV's Lorraine, the musician confirmed to the host that he will continue to wear his helmet throughout the competition due to the fact that he is "accident-prone" and the ice is far "too slippy".

Connor Ball stitches burst live on air

The Vamps singer Connor Ball also experienced a gruesome injury of his own when he smashed his chin on the ice just moments before he was scheduled to perform.

Although he did put on a spectacular performance later on in the night, the star's stitches from his chin burst open during the live show which required urgent medical attention.

Speaking to his fans on Instagram after the shocking event took place, Connor said: "Yo, what's up everyone? As you can see, bit of an eventful evening tonight.

"We were meant to open the show. I had a fall and hit my face off the ice. Luckily it's been stitched up now.

"I had five stitches by the amazing doctors of the show. They sorted me out. Thank you so much for everyone who voted for us."

He also went on to thank the Dancing On Ice team for helping him through his ordeal.

"The team have been amazing today. Thank you to Alex my partner, the physio team, the doctor team, everyone at the show. Thank you, I'm excited for next week."

Rachel Stevens' wrist injury

S Club 7 singer Rachel Stevens was forced to miss her Dancing On Ice debut after she injured her wrist during training.

A spokesperson for ITV said at the time: "Due to an injury sustained in training and on the expert advice from the Dancing on Ice medical professionals, Rachel Stevens will not skate in this Sunday's show.

"We look forward to her returning to the show next weekend."

However, when Rachel did return to the ice she faced elimination and by the following week, she was voted off.

Speaking about whether her injury affected her confidence, the former pop star agreed that it did.

Rachel expressed: "It really did, but more than anything it was being away from the show and missing that ice time. That was the most frustrating thing."

Kye White's sprained knee

Olympic medallist Kye White also experienced an injury during rehearsals after he sprained his knee following a terrible fall.

The BMX sportsman was forced to miss a live show due to his injury and felt gutted for his dance partner Tippy Packard.

Speaking openly the 22-year-old explained: "For me, as an athlete, I’m used to stuff like this happening where you get injured and can’t compete.

"I'm more sad for Tippy, she’s worked hard so not being able to skate is obviously upsetting.

"We both really wanted to do this number, it’s a cool performance and we put a lot of effort into it."

Stef Reid's tumble

Another athlete who experienced an injury this year was Paralympian Stef Reid.

In January, Dancing On Ice star Christopher Dean revealed Stef took a huge fall just hours before her performance on the live show.

Stef's professional dance partner Andy Buchanan attempted to lift her in the air during rehearsals only for him to slip with Stef, crashing them both to the ice.

Like a champ, Stef quickly got back up and performed her routine in the live production, receiving praise from the audience and show judges.

Discussing her fall the following day, the star admitted that she was still willing to participate in show-stopping lifts regardless of her previous misfortune.

Liberty Poole falls on ice during live show

Reality star Liberty Poole seemed to be doing pretty well for herself during the competition. But things took a turn for the worst on Sunday, 13.

Liberty and her professional dance partner Joe Johnson looked comfortable when they skated on the ice to Flo Rida's smash hit Right Round.

After being lifted by Joe, the pair were unable to catch their balance and they both fell on the ice.

Following their performance, presenter Phillip Schofield said: "We thought you were home and dry."

Liberty replied: "What happened? That hasn’t happened before, but sometimes it just happens when it’s never actually happened before."

Phillip replied: "The most important thing is you got up and carried on."

But Liberty's slip-up unfortunately lead her to be eliminated from the show on the same night.

Dancing on Ice airs Sundays on ITV and ITV Hub

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