Dark season 3 explained: Did Magnus and Franziska get trapped in the past?

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Netflix’s German time travelling series is something of a cult hit with fans from across the world. The show is a challenging watch as it delves into free will versus determinism against the backdrop of multiple eras and characters. While the third and final series resolved many things, some fans may be wondering about other plot points.

Did Magnus and Franziska get trapped in the past?

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from all seasons of Dark

Season two ended with the impending apocalypse and several characters travelling through time at the same moment to avoid getting killed.

Among the people to jump through the ages was Magnus Nielsen (played by Moritz Jahn) and Franziska Doppler (Gina Stiebitz).

The teen lovers travelled with Bartosz Tiedemann (Paul Lux) and future Jonas (Andreas Pietschmann) using a version of the time machine.

They ended up getting stuck in the late 19th century due to the lack of the radioactive element the God Particle, which powered the time machine.

In the past, they joined Sic Mundus – a group created by the Tannhaus family to invent time travel.

They, along with Bartosz, grew old in the past and lived out their lives in this time period before finally discovering the secret to time travel.

For all intents and purposes, Magnus and Franziska spent the majority of their lives in the past rather than their own time.

However, in season three the two teens travelled to the future at Adam’s (Dietrich Hollinderbäumer) but only after spending most of their time in the past.

After Adam and Sic Mundus discovered time travel, they weren’t trapped any longer and could freely travel between eras.

While they were initially stuck, they eventually managed to free themselves of the constraints of time.

Once the Knot was broken for good, all those who existed within it were erased from time and space.

This means, Magnus and Franziska would also have been wiped from time as well.

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Nonetheless, versions of them could exist outside the knot – as was alluded to during Martha Nielsen (Lisa Vicari) and Jonas Kahnwald’s (Louis Hofmann) journey to the Origin World.

Jonas saw a young Martha gazing at him through the back of a wardrobe, which appeared to be a portal to another dimension.

This young version of Martha was called away by her mother Katharina Nielsen (Jördis Triebel), suggesting these two characters were somehow alive outside the Knot.

Although viewers didn’t see Magnus in this scene, he is Martha’s brother and there’s nothing to say he couldn’t be alive outside the Knot.

Similarly, Katharina was also in the final scene at the dinner party which left open the possibility of Magnus and Martha existing in the Origin World.

Versions of Franziska too may have also lived in other worlds. But it seemed less clear as in the Origin World, Peter Doppler (Stephan Kampwirth) was with his partner Bernadette Wöller (Anton Rubtsov).

Again, the question of their existence will be left up to viewer interpretation thanks to the degrees of ambiguity created in season three.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter about ending the series with three seasons, Dark’s co-creator Jantje Friese said: “We wanted to introduce the parallel world in the second season. That was the initial plan.

“When we got to the second season, we changed it again. We thought it better to shift the puzzle pieces around.

“There were a lot of [directions] we knew we wanted to go, but didn’t necessarily know at which points in the narration we would address them.

“As you know with Dark, you don’t have the straightforward narrative where you can go from one thing to the next.

“We’re going back and forth. That was the biggest structural issue: when do we reveal what? Some of it, we knew. Some of it was something that we developed throughout the process.”

Dark seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now

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