Does Bobby die in EastEnders?

Bobby Beale’s (Clay Milner Russell) life is hanging in the balance tonight after he collapses in a club full of people in EastEnders.

The teen heads along to the club night in Walford East in an attempt to woo his crush, Dotty (Milly Zero), who he spots handing out leaflets for the night.

However, he doesn’t manage to score much success, and not only does Dotty refuse to sell him laughing gas, he’s then beaten by his brother Peter (Dayle Hudson to buying her a drink.

Upset, but undeterred, the teen ends up buying laughing gas elsewhere but takes a bad reaction and collapses on the ground

Will he be okay?

Does Bobby die in EastEnders?

It is unclear whether or not Bobby will pull through the incident, although neither the show-makers or actor Clay have given any indication he plans to leave the soap.

Speaking about the laughing gas, Milly told ‘Nothing ever things go right for Bobby – he is recovering from a brain injury and he has told her that the last time he took drugs he ended up on the railway tracks so she tells him he is too young.

‘When he collapses, she is shocked because she made a point of not selling it to him.

‘She does genuinely have feelings for Bobby as a friend and she feels terrible when he collapses. He makes her laugh and he is funny but if it did come down to it, she would choose to be with Peter, she doesn’t want to miss out on that!’

It’s not the teenager’s first brush with death after he was left to die following an Islamophobic attack in February.

Can he pull through again?

EastEnders continues tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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