Does Gray get caught in EastEnders and when?

EastEnders domestic abuse storyline ends in tragedy this evening as Chantelle Atkins (Jessica Plummer) is killed by her husband Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith) after she tries to escape. 

Viewers have witnessed the heartbreaking and horrifying storyline between Chantelle and Gray play out on the soap for some time and in a special episode tonight it will reach an awful and upsetting conclusion.

When spoke to EastEnders’ Executive Producer Jon Sen about the scenes that will play out on the show tonight, he explained the team behind the show felt it was important to: ‘reflect the terrifying statistics of domestic violence throughout the country and reflecting the truth of what actually happens.

‘When you hear the statistics you’re aware in the back of your mind that most women who are murdered are killed by their partner or someone close to them and yet we hadn’t seen that reflected in a serial drama – why was that.

‘It was about trying to reflect that sobering statistic and make people realise that it’s the awful reality for so many people who are subjected to domestic violence.

With Chantelle’s murder at the hands of her violent husband confirmed, will there be any justice for the character and will Gray get caught?

EastEnders domestic violence – get support

Two thirds of women who were experiencing abuse from their partner/ex-partner in June told a Women’s Aid study that their abuser had started using lockdown restrictions or the Covid-19 virus and its consequences as part of the abuse.  (66.7% of those answering question – Women’s Aid Survivor Survey, June 2020).

At the height of lockdown over three quarters of women living with an abuser said they felt they could not leave or get away because of the pandemic. (78.6% of those answering question – Women’s Aid Survivor Survey, April 2020).

You can get support and information from Women’s Aid by visiting the website or contacting the free instant messaging service.

You can get support and information from Refuge – which holds a comprehensive and detailed guide to seeking help on the website.

Does Gray get caught in EastEnders and when?

Spoilers for upcoming episodes of EastEnders suggest that Gray does get questioned by the police in relation to Chantelle’s death, but the lawyer lies and tries to paint what happened as a tragic accident.

Although Gray does his best to try and deceive the police officers, we also know that new evidence is due to come to light that will cast suspicion over his role in Chanetelle’s death once again.

However, whether that will land Gray in prison for what he did we don’t yet know and viewers will have to continue watching to find out.

EastEnders continues at 8:30pm on BBC One tonight

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